I received an email recently from a BehindMLM reader asking about the company SugarMums;

Hi there,

I am enjoying your new blog.

I have had an enquiry about Sugar Mums. From what I am aware, they sell vitamins/diet shakes/the whole range of ‘health’ products with apparently some revolutionary ingredient.

Do you have any further information, can you please let me know what it’s all about if possible please?

Not having heard of SugarMums before I hit the net in search of answers;

Here’s what I found.

SugarMums International (operating from sugarmums.com.au) are a co-op of independent associates belonging to an MLM company. Founded by Lucilla and James Howison who operate the business via Infotrigger Systems Pty Ltd. (ABN: 69 080 388 147).

The website sugarmums.com.au has been online since at least May 2008.

Information regarding the SugarMums business opportunity is scarce with websites related to SugarMums providing lots of marketing spin but very little on the opportunity itself.

So which parent MLM company do SugarMums members belong to?

eCelebrate is a company newsletter that MLM company Mannatech put out for their members. If you have a look at the July 2009 issue of eCelebrate you’ll find mention of SugarMums founders Lucilla and James Howison.

We would also like to make a special mention of the Duchenne Muscular Distrophy charity ball that some of Mannatech Corporate attended on Friday 19 June along with Ken Green, Silver Presidential, James and Lucilla Howison, Presidentials and Pino & Laura Egiziano, Executives.

Mannatech are an MLM Network Marketing Company that sell weight and fitness, health and skin care products. Mannatech offer a compensation for business associates to join the company and market their products.

Mannatech appear to specialise in products developed using glycobiology. Wikipedia defines glycobiology as

the study of the structure, biosynthesis, and biology of saccharides (sugar chains or glycans) that are widely distributed in nature.

The sugar relationship between glycobiology and saccarides is presumably where the name SugarMums comes from. For people looking at joining SugarMums, selling these Mannatech health products is the line of work you’ll be involved in.

For anyone looking for information on the SugarMums specifically, I hope this information clears up what the business is about. I’ve since written a full review of the Mannatech MLM business opportunity on BehindMLM, which goes into much greater detail of the mechanics of Mannatech itself.