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Global1Entertainment (I2G) under FBI investigation?

News today from Chuck King, who has been going after Rick Maike and Global1Entertainment for some time now. As of yesterday morning (Wednesday) at 1:15, sometime in the AM, the FBI contacted Rick Maike and (his) G1E company. Oh my…

Affiliate shares Global1Entertainment refund woes

With the Global1Entertainment not really offering new (everything is “coming soon” with these guys and has been ever since the I2G casino flopped), I’m predicting we’re just going to see a repeat performance of I2G. Those who invested early might recoup some additional funds due to a few new people signing up who are oblivious of [Continue reading…]

Global1Entertainment Review: I2G revenue-sharing rebooted

On their own the combination of Infinity 2 Global’s recruitment commissions and revenue-sharing opens up the strong probability that new affiliates money will just be recycled amongst existing I2G affiliates. Throw in the addition of global gambling revenue and a US presence? Yeah, this probably isn’t going to end well… –BehindMLM Infinity2Global Review (September 2013) [Continue reading…]

Infinity 2 Global Review: Global casino rev share?

Infinity 2 Global appears to have launched in early 2013 and are based out of the US state of Kentucky. Heading up Infinity 2 Global (I2G) is President and CEO, Rick Maike. Rick has been involved in the Network Marketing Industry for the past 25 years. He has been a successful distributor and has owned [Continue reading…]