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Digital Altitude defendants want $100K in “stolen funds” for legal fees

One of the problem MLM scammers have when caught is that outside of the scam they were running, they had no other source of income. In cases where an injunction is pursued and said scammers assets are frozen, that leaves them with limited options for hiring counsel. Such is the case with Digital Altitude, Michael [Continue reading…]

Morgan Johnson settles Digital Altitude fraud allegations with FTC

The first of the Digital Altitude defendants has buckled, following a joint filing requesting a stay in proceedings as to Morgan Johnson.

Digital Altitude scammed people out of $54 million, denies responsibility

While Digital Altitude has acknowledged it made misrepresentations to the general public, the company and its principals are denying responsibility. Specifically, Michael Force and Mary Dee have raised failure to exhaust administrative remedies, good faith, offsets/set-offs, informed consent, and no reasonable basis for the requested relief as affirmative defenses.

Default judgment sought against Digital Altitude

The FTC’s lawsuit against Digital Altitude continues, with the latest seeing default judgment sought against the company and related entity defendants.

Digital Altitude victims “should not expect any significant recoveries”

With the evident strength of the FTC’s case against Digital Altitude and granting of a preliminary injunction, it’s easy to assume defrauded consumers will receive redress. In a March 12th message on the Digital Altitude Receivership website however, the Receiver reminds that that’s not necessarily the case.

Michael Force admits nobody in Digital Altitude made $100K in 90 days

Details of what went down at the Digital Altitude preliminary injunction have been published. The Civil Minutes for the hearing cover testimony from Michael Force, Mary Dee and Thomas Seaman, the court-appointed Receiver.

Digital Altitude preliminary injunction granted

Following day two of the Digital Altitude preliminary injunction hearing, the case docket has been updated to reflect the an injunction was granted.

Digital Altitude cannot operate lawfully and profitably, says Receiver

Upon being appointed one of the first tasks the Digital Altitude Receiver undertakes is to determine whether the business can continue legally and profitably. As per BehindMLM’s Digital Altitude review, the company’s business model consists of getting people to hand over increasing amounts of money. Those recruited and convinced to pay thousands of dollars in [Continue reading…]

FTC deconstruct all aspects of Digital Altitude’s “fraudulent operation”

As of yet I don’t have any news on the outcome of the scheduled preliminary injunction hearing today. As per the FTC vs. Digital Altitude case docket over the past week or so though, here’s what we do know.

Digital Altitude prelim injunction hearing delayed, TRO extended

Following a Temporary Restraining Order granted against Digital Altitude and owner Michael Force on January 29th, a preliminary injunction hearing was scheduled for February 15th. On February 12th the FTC filed a joint Stipulation to a Continuance of the hearing, which was granted the same day.