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$10.8 mill judgement in Sean Brown Digital Altitude settlement

Following on from news a settlement between Sean Brown and the FTC had been reached back in July, details of the settlement have now been made public.

Digital Altitude discovery contains “glaring omissions and inadequacies”

As of a Status Report filed by the FTC on August 7th, discovery provided by Digital Altitude, Michael Force and Mary Dee is riddled with “glaring omissions and inadequacies.”

Digital Altitude’s attorneys are out, no victim funds for legal fees

Several interesting developments in the FTC’s case against Digital Altitude have arisen over the past few weeks. On July 26th Judge Kronstadt issued several orders regarding the developments, which we’ll dive into below.

Digital Altitude settlement negotiations at a standstill

A Joint Status Report filed by the FTC on July 20th, has revealed settlement negotiations between Digital Altitude, Michael Force, Mary Dee and the FTC have broken down.

Michael Force “uncooperative”, unpaid attorneys want out ($90,000+)

The client relationship between Michael Force and his attorneys has reached breaking point, with all three requesting permission to withdraw from the case.

Sean Brown reaches Digital Altitude fraud settlement with FTC

A third Digital Altitude defendant, Sean Brown, has reached a settlement agreement with the FTC. In line with previously reached settlements with The Upside LLC and Morgan Johnson, Brown’s settlement has been submitted to FTC Commissioners for approval.

Morgan Johnson settles Digital Altitude fraud with FTC for $54 million

Morgan Johnson, a named defendant in the FTC’s lawsuit against Digital Altitude, was the first individual to reach a proposed settlement. Back in May that settlement was presented to FTC Commissioners for approval, which appears to have since been granted. On June 29th the FTC filed a Joint Application seeking approval of a permanent injunction [Continue reading…]

The Upside LLC consents to perm injunction & monetary judgment

In their lawsuit that alleges Digital Altitude was a $14 million dollar fraudulent business, the FTC identified The Upside LLC as a California company managed by Mary Dee and primarily used to open merchant accounts for credit card processing. Mary Dee being one of Digital Altitude’s principals and also a named defendant in the suit. [Continue reading…]

Receiver: Digital Altitude cannot operate “in a lawful and profitable manner”

Hopes that Digital Altitude may be able to continue its business operations have been dashed, following a declaration by the court-appointed Receiver. In his Second Interim Report, the Receiver bluntly states he has not resumed operations, and has no plans to do so, as he has not determined a feasible means of resuming operations in [Continue reading…]

Digital Altitude defendants want $100K in “stolen funds” for legal fees

One of the problem MLM scammers have when caught is that outside of the scam they were running, they had no other source of income. In cases where an injunction is pursued and said scammers assets are frozen, that leaves them with limited options for hiring counsel. Such is the case with Digital Altitude, Michael [Continue reading…]