In addition to being a wanted fugitive on the run from money laundering charges in the US, Payza co-founder Firoz Patel is also in trouble with Canadian authorities.

According to a May 20th report by the Montreal Journal, Firoz and his wife Nazlin Patel owe the Revenu Quebec $14 million CAD in unpaid taxes ($10.8 mill USD).

In an attempt to recover the outstanding tax bill, Revenu Quebec won a judgment against the Patel’s Montreal residence.

The property is valued at over $2 million CAD and is part of Revenu Quebec’s attempts to recover $3.5 million owed by Nazlin Patel.

Patel is believed to dodged taxes on income derived as head of Payza’s IT and labor departments.

Revenu Quebec allege Patel failed to report $6.7 million in income over 2013 and 2014, which was laundered through the Caribbean tax haven of Nevis.

Separately Firoz Patel is being pursued by Revenu Quebec for $10.5 million in unpaid taxes, based on $27 million dollars of unreported income.

Since his indictment in the US, Firoz Patel has been on the run. His current whereabouts are unknown.