InfoTrax settle FTC Act consumer privacy and security violations

The FTC has gone after MLM services provider InfoTrax for multiple violations of the FTC Act. [Continue reading…]

Karatbars fraud warnings issued in Germany & South Africa

Regulators in Germany and South Africa have issued fraud warnings pertaining to involvement in Karatbars International. [Continue reading…]

DOJ: Emails prove Mark Scott knew OneCoin was fraudulent

The DOJ has filed a letter requesting several communications be admitted as evidence, on the grounds they prove Mark Scott knew OneCoin was fraudulent. [Continue reading…]

Daniel Pacheco’s hilarious fraud lawsuit answers rejected

Daniel Pacheco’s hilarious answers to the SEC’s iPro Network fraud lawsuit have been rejected by the court. [Continue reading…]

Recharge and Get Paid Review: Recharge cards and recruitment

Recharge and Get Paid operates in the ecommerce MLM niche.

The company appears to be based out of Nigeria, however no ownership details are provided on Recharge and Get Paid’s website.

Recharge and Get Paid’s website domain (“”) was initially registered in 2015. The domain registration details were last updated on October 27th, 2019.

No ownership details are provided in the domain registration.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Major roadblock for TelexFree victim distributions removed

Unbeknown to me (and I imagine a fair for of you), the Plaintiff’s Interim Executive Committee (PIEC) and TelexFree Trustee have been at loggerheads over investment flow.

Following two rulings that sided with the Trustee on the matter, now a First Circuit appeal decision has also followed suit. [Continue reading…]

Konstantin’s testimony drops one OneCoin bombshell after another

Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial is taking place over the next few weeks.

The highlight of proceedings so far has been Ruja Ignatova’s brother, Konstantin Ignatov, trotted out as a cooperating witness.

Ignatov’s testimony, yesterday in particular, has provided us with a few interesting bombshells.

[Continue reading…]

Konstantin testifies for DOJ, turns on OneCoin and sister

Konstantin Ignatov has appeared as a witness for the DOJ.

Examination by prosecutors spanned questions about his involvement in OneCoin, working under his sister, Ruja Ignatova, and Mark Scott’s visit to the Sofia head office. [Continue reading…]

Cardiffs incarcerated, Poujade fined $5000 a day for contempt

A long history of ignoring court directives has resulted in an incarceration order for Jason and Eunjung Cardiff.

Jacques Poujade, who the FTC allege helped the Cardiffs conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars, will also be fined $5000 a day for non-compliance. [Continue reading…]

Silverstar Live & Mahmouds settle CFTC fraud for $75,000

Silver Star Live and owners Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud have agreed to settle Commodity Exchange Act violations. [Continue reading…]