The Texas State Securities Board has confirmed GSB Gold Standard Corporation is still banned across the state.

On March 13th TSSB Enforcement Director Joe Rotunda posted the following to Twitter;

TSSB filed an emergency cease and desist against GSB Gold Standard Corporation and GSPartners last November.

Both companies are owned by Josip Heit (right), also a named Respondent in TSSB’s order.

Through GSB Gold Standard Corporation and GSPartners, TSSB accused Heit of running

various fraudulent investment schemes that are threatening immediate and irreparable harm.

Despite being given the opportunity to challenge TSSB’s order, six months later and Heit has failed to do so.

Of the thirteen US states to issue GSB Gold Standard Corporation and Heit with regulatory fraud warnings and fines, Heit is only known to have responded to Arizona.

A hearing in the Arizona Corporation Commission’s case has been scheduled for September 16th, 2024.

In a February filing, Heit acknowledged that as a result of regulatory warnings his “entire business has been effectively shuttered”.

After blocking US investors in December, GSPartners went on to completely disable its website on March 13th.

GSB Gold Standard Corporation still runs GSPro, a failed GSPartners reboot. Billionico has also emerged as a suspected backdoor for US investors to access their GSPartners accounts.