Meta Force has received a fraud warning from the Central Bank of Russia.

As per the CBR’s August 5th warning, Meta Force exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid”.

Meta Force is the sixth reboot of Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov’s Forsage Ponzi scheme.

On August 1st the SEC filed suit against Okhotnikov (right) and ten insiders and promoters.

The SEC alleges Forsage Ponzis had defrauded consumers out of $300 million. Two US based promoters have already settled wire and securities fraud charges alleged against them.

SimilarWeb currently ranks Russia as the top source of traffic to Meta Force’s website (27%). The US (23%) and Kazakhstan (17%) trail behind.

Forsage recruitment in Russia is believed to take place under the direction of Sergey Maslakov, a Russian national living in Moscow.

Okhotnikov is based out of Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgian authorities have shown no interest in regulating Meta Force or holding Okhotnikov accountable.

To date Okhotnikov has not addressed the SEC’s Forsage fraud lawsuit.