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Ronald R. Deering settles Forsage Ponzi fraud with SEC

Ronald R. Deering has settled Forsage fraud allegations brought against him. Deering was the last of seven Forsage Ponzi promoters sued by the SEC back in August.

Carlos Martinez & Alisha Shepperd settle Forsage Ponzi fraud

Forsage promoter defendants Carlos Martinez and Alisha Shepperd have settled with the SEC.

Lado Okhotnikov finds lawyers for SEC v. Forsage

Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov has secured representation against the SEC. As a result, the previously entered Entry of Default has been “exited”.

Entry of Default recorded against Forsage scammers

An Entry of Default has been recorded against Forsage scammers Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov, Lola Ferrari and Sergey Maslakov.

SEC moves to serve Forsage founders via alternative service

The SEC has moved to serve three of Forsage’s four founders via alternative service. Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov, Lola Ferrari, Sergey Maslakov all reside overseas.

Cheri Beth Bowen settles Forsage fraud with SEC

Cheri Beth Bowen has settled a securities fraud lawsuit brought against her by the SEC. As alleged by the SEC, Bowen stole “at least” $303,000 through the Forsage Ponzi scheme.

MetaForce collapses, funds “frozen” while Okhotnikov stalls

MetaForce, Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov’s latest Forsage reboot, has collapsed. Investor funds are “frozen” and Okhotnikov is stalling for time.

Okhotnikov responds to SEC’s Forsage lawsuit… with products?

In a new August 17th MetaForce video, Forsage owner Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov states; In this video I will talk about the actions that MetaForce is taking to defend its position in the context of the SEC. Figuring this meant Okhotnikov had responded to the SEC’s August 1st securities fraud Complaint, I pulled up the case [Continue reading…]

Mark F. Hamlin settles Forsage fraud with SEC

Top US Forsage promoter Mark F. Hamlin has settled a securities fraud lawsuit brought against him by the SEC.

Okhotnikov challenges SEC on Forsage by confirming Ponzi

Forsage founder Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov has attempted to address the SEC’s Forsage fraud lawsuit against him. After confirming Forsage’s business model is a Ponzi scheme, Okhotnikov falls back on playing dumb.