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Okhotnikov challenges SEC on Forsage by confirming Ponzi

Forsage founder Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov has attempted to address the SEC’s Forsage fraud lawsuit against him. After confirming Forsage’s business model is a Ponzi scheme, Okhotnikov falls back on playing dumb.

Samuel Ellis & Sarah Theissen settle Forsage fraud with SEC

Forsage scammers Samuel D. Ellis and Sarah Theissen have settled fraud allegations made against them. The allegations were made in a lawsuit filed by the SEC, alleging Forsage was a $300 million Ponzi scheme.

Okhotnikov doubles down on Forsage fraud with Meta Force

On August 1st the SEC filed civil fraud charges against Forsage co-founder Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov. The regulator alleges Forsage is a $300 million dollar Ponzi scheme. That same day Okhotnikov doubled down and held a webinar titled, “Burning Question to Meta Force Founder”. You’d be wrong if you thought addressing the SEC’s lawsuit was a [Continue reading…]

Meta Force pyramid fraud warning from Russia

Meta Force has received a fraud warning from the Central Bank of Russia.

SEC charges eleven Forsage scammers with securities fraud

The SEC has charged eleven Forsage Ponzi promoters with securities fraud. The SEC claims Forsage is a $300 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Forsage owner Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov is among the eleven defendants.

MetaForce Review: Lado Okhotnikov’s 6th Forsage Ponzi

MetaForce is the sixth Forsage Ponzi scheme from serial scammer Lado Okhotnikov. Okhotnikov’s last scam was Forsage BUSD, a crypto smart-contract Ponzi that didn’t go anywhere. Forsage BUSD emerged in early 2021. Investors in third-world countries were pretty much all that was left at this point, and Forsage BUSD never really gained any traction. In [Continue reading…]

Forsage BUSD Review: Lado Okhotnikov’s 5th Forsage Ponzi

Following coverage of Lado Okhotnikov announcing a Forsage Binance Smart Chain reboot a fortnight ago, details have emerged. The reboot is going by Forsage BUSD and is the fifth Ponzi scheme launched under the Forsage brand. Forsage BUSD follows Forsage, Fortron, Forsage Tron and Forsage XGold – all of which have collapsed. Okhotnikov is believed [Continue reading…]

Lado Okhotnikov: Securities regulators don’t understand law

Collapsed Forsage Ponzi scheme founder Lado Okhotnikov, evidently believes securities regulators don’t understand securities law. Okhotnikov’s claims follow two securities fraud warnings issued against Forsage over the past twelve months.

Forsage securities fraud cease and desist issued in Montana

Forsage has been issued a securities fraud cease and desist from Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance.

Forsage XGold Review: Lado Okhotnikov’s 4th Forsage Ponzi

Forsage XGold is part of Lado Okhotnikov’s stable of Forsage branded Ponzi schemes. According to his Facebook profile, Okhotnikov is based out of Moscow, Russia. Okhotnikov (right) describes himself as “the king of decentralized MLM”. “Decentralized MLM” being code for crypto Ponzi schemes. Launched in April 2020, by September or so Forsage had gone into [Continue reading…]