Generation Zoe’s legal advisor Hector Luis Yrimia is wanted by Argentinian authorities.

Yrimia has an international arrest warrant out on him, issued through Interpol.

On Tuesday April 12th, following additional seizures and raids on his properties in Argentina, Yrimia turned himself in to Interpol’s Dubai branch.

Instead of arresting Yrimia and initiating extradition proceedings, Interpol Dubai let him go.

Shedding light on the matter, VillaMariaYa reports Yrimia and his family fled to Dubai last September. This is just before Generation Zoe collapsed.

Once in Dubai, Yrimia secured a UAE visa and laid low while the Ponzi mess he helped create played out.

As to why Interpol Dubai released Yrimia, they’re not telling anyone.

Argentine authorities have requested Yrimia be arrested and initiation of extradition proceedings. The Public Prosecutor’s Office handling the case however claims they “have (received) no response from Dubai”.

In a bizarre legal move, the kind that might only work in a scammer’s paradise, Yrimia’s Argentine lawyers now claim he wasn’t Generation Zoe’s legal advisor.

In a statement provided to VillaMariaYa, Yrimia’s legal team stated;

He was never the legal director of the companies linked to the Zoe group nor was he a power of attorney for the group companies or their directors.

As VillaMariayaYa points out, there is a mountain of evidence to suggest otherwise.

In one video example provided, Yrimia boasts about migrating Generation Zoe to Dubai.

I am Luis Yrimia, the legal director of Generación Zoe and of the entire Zoe group.

(I am) Returning from Dubai with the entire team, where the proposed mission was fully accomplished. Zoe settled in the United Arab Emirates.

In another video transcript, Yrimia talks of providing “legal security” to Generation Zoe investors;

Very excited because in these hours, soon, on September 9, we are launching the trust in LATAM Zoe, which will allow all investors and the same company to provide legal security to all of them.

At time of publication Yrimia remains at large in the UAE. He still has an international arrest warrant out on him.