As its legal advisor, Hector Luis Yrimia was an integral part of Leonardo Cositorto’s Generation Zoe Ponzi scheme.

Hector Luis Yrimia fled to Dubai as Generation Zoe began collapsing in late 2022.

After Argentinian authorities issued an international arrest warrant, raided his properties and seized assets, Yrimia turned himself in to Interpol’s Dubai branch.

Argentinian authorities are reported to have put in three extradition requests for Yrmia with Dubai’s authorities.

To date they haven’t received an answer to any of the requests.

Despite being wanted by Interpol, Yrimia meanwhile managed to secure Dubai residency.

Trouble is, living in Dubai isn’t cheap. And what Yrimia squirreled away from Generation Zoe isn’t going to last forever.

This brings us to the Futswap.

Futswap is a failed crypto exchange that launched in early 2022. Today the South American team running the scheme have relocated to Dubai.

Outside of its failed exchange business Futswap runs an  “earn interest” Ponzi, built around their recently launched FTSWP token.

Naturally, other than stating the scam isn’t available to US residents, no details about Futswap’s Ponzi are provided on their website.

Investor interest just isn’t there, as evidenced by SimilarWeb tracking negligible traffic to Futswap’s website.

As documented by Clarin, Futswap’s origins begin within Generation Zoe, circa 2019.

Yrimia’s link with Futswap is not new and comes from the time of Generation Zoe.

Already in 2019 they were talking about doing something together. In a video from November 2021, he is seen telling that Zoe has “a fintech registered in Sweden”, which allowed Leonardo Cositorto’s company to receive money from any country.

“That company is called Futswap by Zoe,” continues Yrimia.

According to Yrimia, the new partner company would allow bank accounts to be opened in London with debit cards included, in which one could freely exchange between crypto or currencies such as the dollar, the pound and the euro.

Futswap as a standalone Ponzi scheme is what Yrimia is believed to now head up from Dubai.

Clarin reports as part of efforts to get Futswap’s new Ponzi off the ground, Yrimia featured in a January 20th  marketing video.

The video, shot in Dubai and uploaded to Futswap’s Spanish Instagram account, has since been deleted.

When Clarin reached out to Futswap to confirm Yrimia’s involvement, they denied he was part of the company.

Working with Yrimia are Colombian nationals Juan Guillermo Osorio Castro (aka Juan O., CEO of Futswap) and Arnold David Sierra Zambrano (aka Arnold Sierra, COO of Futswap).

Juan Castro (right) has an online gaming background. He is tied to Cositorto through Ballena Azul, a UK shell company.

Castro is believed to have fled to Dubai after attracting the attention of Colombia’s SFC financial regulator in 2020.

Before getting involved in financial fraud, Arnold Sierra worked as a psychologist and artist.

Futswap does have a referral program but it’s not MLM. I won’t be following the Ponzi closely, other than it potentially tying in to future Generation Zoe developments.

Speaking of Generation Zoe developments, back in Argentina the hunt for Rosa Maria Gonzalez Rincon continues.

Rincon (right), a Venezuelan national, is one of the last fugitives Argentinian authorities have yet to arrest.

Rincon was part of Generation Zoe’s marketing team. She was credited as coming up with “an algorithm (that) predicted the cryptocurrency market”.

Prior to getting involved in Generation Zoe and reinventing herself as a tech wiz, Rincon sold fritters and fried cakes.

Speaking from prison, Leonardo Cositorto also recently confirmed the death of Romina Fachal.

Fachal was a top Generation Zoe promoter and passed away with the money she stole through the Ponzi scheme. Fachal is believed to have died of complications related to cancer.

Finally on February 21st, Cositorto is still stringing Generation Zoe victims along with promises of restitution.

Cositorto has told victims a restitution proposal will be made public between March 20th and 30th.

If you’re wondering why or how Cositorto is still directly communicating with Generation Zoe victims from prison, yeah I don’t know either.