Following on from our coverage of Angie Amaya’s fine, I’ve since learnt that three OmegaPro scammers were fined by the SFC in 2022.

The SFC also issued a second OmegaPro securities fraud warning. And, as late as December 29th, ordered yet another Colombian OmegaPro promoter to stop scamming.

Angie Amaya’s $8564 OmegaPro fine was handed down on May 6th, 2022.

In addition to Amaya’s fine;

  • Hugo Fernando Hernández Rodríguez was fined $30 million COP on June 3rd, and
  • José Rolando Rodríguez Loaiza was fined $30 million COP on June 30th.

$30 million COP comes to $6,423 USD

All three fines can be verified on SFC’s website by looking up resolutions 0536, 0639 and 0640.

As OmegaPro was collapsing in November 2022, SFC issued a second securities fraud warning against the Ponzi scheme.

The SFC’s November 30th warning

reiterates to the general public that the advertising and promotion of products and services for investments in the Forex market advanced on behalf of the foreign firm OMEGAPRO or any of its Denominations OMP, OMP Money, Digital Investment, Digital Group, New Digital Economy, Digital Business, The Omega Effect, Alpha Pro, Native Empire or Dreamers do not have the necessary authorizations to be offered in the country.

It is not an authorized activity in Colombia.

The SFC first warned the Colombian public about OmegaPro in December 2021.

On December 29th, the SFC followed up with a cease and desist order targeting Chenny Andrea Ramirez Alvarez.

Superfinanciera (has) ordered Chenny Andrea Ramírez Álvarez to immediately suspend the promotion in the country of its own products on the stock market of the foreign company Omegapro.

Additionally, you must withdraw and refrain from continuing to publish content with terms or words that may mistakenly imply that you have authorization to promote products and/or services from foreign entities to residents in the country to carry out operations of the stock market.

OmegaPro collapsed in November 2022. Investors in the scheme, most of whom appear to be from Colombia, are currently being exit-scammed through Broker Group.

SimilarWeb tracks Colombia as the largest source of traffic to OmegaPro’s and Broker Group’s respective websites (50% and 43%).

OmegaPro’s official reason for the collapse was hackers!. It’s increasingly starting to look like regulatory action in Colombia, its top investor recruiting base, is the reason OmegaPro collapsed.

SimilarWeb currently still tracks Colombia as the top source of traffic to OmegaPro’s website (50%). Colombia is also the top source of traffic to the Broker Group exit-scam website (43%).

To date neither US-based Eric Worre, nor OmegaPro co-founders Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), Mike Sims (US) and Dilawar Singh (Germany), have publicly addressed OmegaPro’s collapse.