Last month OmegaPro revealed the end of its Ponzi exit-scam; Broker Group.

If we look at the source-code for Broker-Group’s website, we notice something strange:

There are fifty-three references to the domain “”.

Evolve Markets is a cryptocurrency trading platform that seemingly has nothing to do with OmegaPro or Broker Group.

A BehindMLM reader contacted Evolve Markets, who confirmed as much via email.

In a January 10th email sent from their support department, Evolve Markets claims

Broker Group is just one scammer individual, who happen to copy (more appropriate word would be stole) our front page layout, in order to make his website faster.

He stole the layout we designed for our website, and various elements including some icons.

We would have never given anyone a permission to copy or use any of contents on our website.

In our coverage of OmegaPro’s collapse, BehindMLM noted Broker Group’s website was hastily put together last month.

On the technical side of things, Broker Group’s website is a WordPress site built with Elementor.

As part of this lazy copy and paste, certain assets on Broker Group’s website reference that of Evolve Markets, and as a result are broken.

One such asset is a “learn more” button on Broker Group’s homepage:

This button points to a non-existent page on the domain “”. Sysnoma is a web development company based out of Bangladesh.

Sysnoma’s linked portfolio page provides a link to Freelancer…

Which links to the profile of Md Showkat A.

As per Sysnoma’s website, Showkat Chowdhury is one of the company’s co-founders:

Evolve Markets pointed this out in their support email, additionally adding;

We do not know anything else about this person, or their activity.

But, judging by the fact that he plagiarized our website, and contents, we would strongly advise you to not invest, or share any personal data with that individual.

We hope this helps you in any way.

Whether Sysnoma are running Broker Group or just set up the website for OmegaPro to run their exit-scam through is unclear.

What we do know is Broker Group is a KYC black hole.

KYC information Broker Group is harvesting from OmegaPro investors includes:

  • employment status
  • net worth / financial status (proof required via bank statement, employer pay statement, tax payment form, crypto wallet statement or online trading wallet statement)
  • origin and source of any claimed wealth (supporting financial documents requested)
  • proof of any recently sold assets or property
  • proof of ownership of any shares or bonds
  • financial and trading details of any owned companies
  • proof of retiree income if applicable
  • proof of inheritance income if applicable

What OmegaPro investors are finding out is, no matter what they provide, Broker Group rejects their KYC application.

What appears to be happening is harvesting of information, likely with the aim of reselling it on the black market.

Pending regulatory action, total OmegaPro victim numbers and losses remain unknown.

OmegaPro abandoned its social media profiles on December 30th. The collapsed Ponzi scheme was run by Andreas Szakacs…

Dilawar Singh…

…and Mike Sims:

Szakacs and Singh are originally from Sweden and Germany respectively. The pair fled to Dubai in 2020. Mike Sims is a US national currently residing in Florida.

With investors successfully cut off from their funds, OmegaPro’s co-founders are living it up at their expense.


Update 3rd November 2023 – Although it’s academic given OmegaPro has collapsed, some new information has come to light explaining the use of Sysnoma and Broker Group.

Broker Group always felt like an inside job. That’s because it was.

Above is a screenshot of a 2017 testimonial Szakacs provided to Sysnoma, confirming him as a client.

As part of OmegaPro’s exit-scam Szakacs again turned to Sysnoma to create Broker Group.