SalesVision’s website hearkens back to those annoying vertical sales pitch funnels that were a thing ~5 years ago.

You know the type, yellow highlighting, bold red text and endless scrolling to get to the cost.

One thing I’ll give SalesVision is that at least it’s upfront about who’s running the company.

Vince Ortega Jr. features prominently on the website, and is credited as President and CEO.

Ortega’s parents, Vincent and Gillian are cited as SalesVision’s co-founders.

I last saw this same exact formation with Elevated Legacy.

Elevated Legacy was a failed $19.99 a month “give us your Facebook data” opp, that then morphed into an excuse to resell cheap watches and CBD oil through My Daily Choice.

That was mid 2018. Fast forward to 2019 and here we are again. Vincent Ortega Jr.’s parents funding another business idea.

As I understand it, SalesVision was initially created as a sales tool for My Daily Choice.

In his own words (Facebook, November 20th), My Daily Choice recently terminated Ortega’s distributor account.

The reason for the termination appears to be My Daily Choice (MDC) categorizing  SalesVision as a “competing business”.

And then you better believe, the minute we have 10 million stacked in our bank account, in which I believe that will happen early 2020, within the first two months, after that…

Then we will not have a 30 day waiting period even when we have a 30 day money back guarantee.


Well it will be because we’ll have enough float money to be able to afford a little bit of loss here and there IF someone decides to refund, chargeback etc…

…but honestly…

I don’t think it will be happening very often, and so far, no one has refunded but like 2 people, and that was because they got scared of mdc not letting them do another company, because mdc just updated their rules a bit ago to say, “you cannot promote their company with any other company.”

So you can only promote mdc, that’s it, and they are saying you can only have one income stream now, that’s it, and now they are the only ones who can feed your family, that’s it, so you have to rely on them for the rest of your lives.

Take that how you want it…


Did you know they are wrong for shutting my account down and calling SalesVision a competition, a competitive business?

I am glad they shut my account down so now you all understand the truth and rules of our company.

WE ARE A SUPER AFFILIATE PROGRAM and that is it, we are not a direct selling, mlm, or network marketing company.

So as much as mdc want’s to say that I put up a competitive business, they are wrong, and the battle is not done.

I have my lawyers gathering up the case, and you all sending me in all the docs.

Either way, I don’t want to talk about them anymore, I just want you all to know they are wrong, and you are right when you say we aren’t a competitive business model…

SalesVision is pitched as a “digital marketing agency”. Basically lead generation.

Our digital marketing agency has decades of experience.

we’ll help you “paint the picture” in your potential customers eyes… using step by step training & state of the art sales funnel software.

In addition to sales funnels, SalesVision includes numerous marketing video examples on their site.

If you want to learn Vincent’s marketing secrets in the SalesVision Academy, you will need to fill out a free business evaluation first to make sure you are a great fit for the academy.

Vincent doesn’t just allow anyone to access the academy, he needs to see that you are a dedicated entrepreneur, before he will give away his marketing secrets that he’s spent years to develop.

There’s also some “real estate education” included. This seems mostly in relation to buying properties, fixing them up and then reselling.

On the MLM side of things SalesVision is pretty thin.

For the most part you’re looking at only getting paid on your own sales.

Single-level commission rates are dictated by rank:

  • SalesVision Apprentices earn 10%
  • SalesVision Professionals earn 25%
  • SalesVision Diamonds earn 50% (actually 25%, see below)

The SalesVision Diamond rank is where MLM comes into play.

Commission rates for SalesVision Diamonds are 50% but only 25% is paid to the selling affiliate. The other 25% split is paid upline to the first “Diamond Super Affiliate”.

This is effectively a two-level deep compensation plan.

Despite the copious amounts of copy on their website, SalesVision fails to disclose joining costs or rank qualification criteria.

Ultimately there appears to be a genuine service product behind SalesVision’s offering.

Compliance might be an issue though if there’s no retail offering, or if retail sales revenue company-wide are dwarfed by affiliates.

That is affiliates sign up and then use SalesVision’s marketing tools to promote SalesVision itself.

This is typical of marketing tools MLM opportunities – and equates to a functional pyramid scheme.

Vince Ortega Jr.’s track record might be of concern too. For some people at least.