internet-lifestyle-network-logoMid 2014 saw BehindMLM review the Internet Lifestyle Network.

Co-founded by Mark Hoverson and Vince Ortega Jr., the Internet Lifestyle Network acted as a feeder to build Mark Hoverson’s Global Resorts Network downline.

With no retail offering to speak of, Internet Lifestyle Network pretty much relied on a constant new stream of affiliates to keep commissions rolling.

Late 2014 however saw things sharply decline:


Today, whilst researching something else entirely, I found myself at the Internet Lifestyle website.

As I often do when this happens, I took a few moments to poke around and see where the company was at.

That’s when I realized something was up…

First and foremost, the Internet Lifestyle Network website is still very much up. If you click on anything on the site though, you’re redirected to something called “Lifestyle Design Network”.


As above, you can sign up for a “7 day trial”… and that’s about it.

This trial costs $7, after which a $19.95 monthly fee is charged.

This gets you access to a bunch of internet marketing training products which, if I’m not mistaken, were offered with Internet Lifestyle Network affiliate membership.

Stuff like this:

Enrollment into Lifestyle Design Network University where you will have INSTANT access to over 15 hours of keynotes from 8-figure adventurpreneur Mark Hoverson.

These keynotes will open up new vistas of time-freedom, reduce frustrations, result in faster profits and a deep peace of mind knowing that you have the wisdom and knowledge to manifest your definition of “Lifestyle Design” into reality.  ($995 value)

There is an income disclaimer link at the bottom of the Lifestyle Design Network, indicating that there’s an attached income opportunity, however as the time of publication no further information is provided.

Noticeably absent on the Lifestyle Design Network website is ILN co-founder Vince Ortega Jr.

So what’s Ortega been up to?

A visit to Ortega’s Facebook page reveals he’s currently promoting something called the “SuperCharged Network”.

A visit to their website (“”) reveals this is appears to be some sort of collaborative effort between Ortega and Alex Morton.

On the Vemma website, Morton is credited with being a Royal Ambassador ranked affiliate ‘who will be making over a quarter of a million dollars this year with Vemma.‘ (2014).

So Hoverson is looking to carry on what’s left of Internet Lifestyle Network under a new name, and Ortega has moved on to Vemma?

What on Earth happened?

In a video published to Facebook on January 29th, Ortega simply states that he, Mark Hoverson and Clifton Hatfield “worked out an amazing deal”.

Ortega doesn’t go into the specifics of the deal, however the video suggests the parting was amicable.

As to why he left, aside from ILN tanking, Ortega states that his idea to attach an energy drink to ILN didn’t go down to well.

Ortega claims that he sensed his ‘real true honest passion really wasn’t going to fit with (ILN’s) model‘.

So, sometime in mid January Ortega jumped ship to focus on promoting Vemma as part of Alex Morton’s downline.

Vemma advertising material published to Ortega’s Facebook page indicates he is at the Executive rank:


And making thousands of dollars:


Perhaps Ortega got one of those secret MLM deals we’ve been hearing so much about lately…

I suppose the take away from this is that, no matter what you hitch it to, a recruitment-driven opportunity like ILN is bound to fail at some point.

Whether Hoverson’s Lifestyle Design Network follows in the same footsteps as ILN remains to be seen.

Ditto Ortega’s efforts over at Vemma. Perhaps this time around he’ll actually focus on generating retail sales rather than relying primarily on affiliate recruitment.

One can certainly hope.