High Ticket Income System operate out of Pennsylvania in the US and claim to be ‘backed by Dps Marketing Group LLC‘.

DPS Marketing Group is owned by Dale Payne-Sizer, who first appeared on BehindMLM as the admin of Infinity Profit System in 2016.

Infinity Profit System was a two-tier cash gifting scheme that collapsed a few months after launching.

Dale Payne-Sizer has a long history of association with MLM underbelly cash gifting schemes.

The same Pennsylvania corporate address provided on the High Ticket Income System website also appears on the Reverse Commissions website.

The Gift Me Bitcoins website uses the name-servers of the Reverse Commissions domain, tying both companies to DPS Marketing Group and Dale Payne-Sizer.

Both Reverse Commissions and Gift Me Bitcoins are recently launched cash gifting schemes launched. Alexa traffic statistics suggest Gift Me Bitcoins has already collapsed, with Reverse Commissions headed in the same direction.

The collapse of both has likely prompted Payne-Sizer to try again with High Ticket Income System.

Read on for a full review of the High Ticket Income System MLM opportunity.

High Ticket Income System Products

High Ticket Income System has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market High Ticket Income System affiliate membership itself.

High Ticket Income System affiliate membership is bundled with access to online marketing courses.

The High Ticket Income System Compensation Plan

High Ticket Income System affiliates gift $1000 to each other through affiliate recruitment.

When a new High Ticket Income affiliate signs up, they pay a $100 admin fee and make a $1000 gifting payment.

This gifting payment is split evenly between the affiliate who recruited them and the affiliate who recruited that affiliate (second upline).

The affiliate then receives $500 per affiliate they recruit, as well as $500 from every affiliate recruited by those they personally recruit.

To better visualize this, it’s a unilevel team that splits $1000 gifting payments over two upline levels.

An affiliate signs up and pays $500 two levels above them, and then receives $500 from two levels below them (discard level 3 in the illustrative unilevel example above).

Joining High Ticket Income System

High Ticket Income System affiliate membership is $100 plus a $1000 gifting payment.


Raising the cost of entry to $1100, High Ticket Income System continues DPS Marketing Group’s run of cash gifting schemes.

With affiliates paying affiliates, High Ticket Income System’s business model is fraudulent. Nothing is marketing or sold to retail customers, with all “commissions” generated via affiliate gifting payments.

Under such a model whatever might be bundled with the gifting payments is irrelevant, as evidenced by the lack of specific service details provided on the High Ticket Income website.

We have developed more than 50 training courses and management coaching programs to help accelerate digital businesses of all sizes.

On the backend Dale Payne-Sizer will receive a large portion of $500 pass-ups, through one or more preloaded admin positions. This is on top of the $100 fee collected per affiliate recruited company-wide.

As with all cash gifting schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies down so too will new payments entering the scheme. With a 50/50 split of $1000 gifting payments made, plus the $100 admin fee, three recruits are required per affiliate recruited to generate a profit.

Over time this deficit grows larger and larger, with the majority of High Ticket Income System affiliates eventually losing money when recruitment collapses altogether.