entrepreneur-unified-logoOn their website Entrepreneur Unified name Shebin John (alias: Remedcu) as owner of the company.

He is a SEO expert, and has been working till the last april for MTV. He is also a php coder and designer. He designed the homepage himself using bootstrap template from online. Also the logo and banners where (sic) created by himself.

He has been with many online programs, and now has laid a sure shot plan to help everyone to earn online.

shebin-john-pool-investors-entrepreneur-unifiedOn social media, John (right) claims to be ‘a strategist on various aspects, like in revshares, hyips, etc.‘.

Revshares and HYIPs are typically Ponzi schemes, with revshares in particular frequently populating the MLM underbelly.

Such schemes John has recently participated as an affiliate include Passive Earner, Shareholder IC, My Traffic Value and Paidverts.

John is based out of Delhi, India, which is presumably where Entrepreneur Unified is being operated from.

Read on for a full review of the Entrepreneur Unified MLM opportunity.

The Entrepreneur Unified Product Line

Entrepreneur Unified has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Entrepreneur Unified affiliate membership itself.

The Entrepreneur Unified Compensation Plan

The Entrepreneur Unified compensation plan sees affiliates invest in Royalty Point shares. Commissions paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Royalty Points are purchased via “RP Packages” as follows:

  • $5 RP Package = 50 RP shares
  • $50 RP Package = 550 shares
  • $100 RP Package = 1150 shares
  • $500 RP Package = 5850 shares
  • $1000 RP Package = 12,000 shares
  • $2000 RP Package = 25,000 shares
  • $3000 RP Package = 38,000 shares
  • $5000 RP Package = 65,000 shares

Royalty Positions entitle you to a fixed percentage of weekly net income, thus you get dividends every week. You can also sell them for profit.

Specific Royalty Position ROIs are not provided on the Entrepreneur Unified website.

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions are paid when recruited Entrepreneur Unified affiliates invest in RP Packages.

RP Package referral commissions are paid out via two levels of recruitment (unilevel) as follows:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 18%
  • level 2 – 15%

Joining Entrepreneur Unified

Affiliate membership with Entrepreneur Unified is free, however affiliates must invest between $5 and $5000 if they wish to participate in the attached MLM opportunity.


According to Entrepreneur Unified, Royalty Position value is pegged to “net income every week” from dividends of products the company has developed.

At the time of publication, there is no information as to what the products Entrepreneur Unified are investing in available on their website.

Naturally the notion that affiliates are investing thousands of dollars on products unseen is ridiculous.

So what are Entrepreneur Unified really marketing?

Royalty Positions are assets that can be bought and sold. The Royalty Position market allows you to purchase and/or sell Royalty Positions from/to other members at Entrepreneur Unified.

The price is determined by the market, thus administration has no direct nor indirect connection with it.

A virtual share market.

Under the guise of “crowdfunding” in projects unseen, Entrepreneur Unified solicit investment in Royalty Points. The company claims each point will pay a weekly dividend, with the points themselves tradable between affiliates.

In offering affiliates a platform to purchase and sell Royalty Points (which hold no value outside of the scheme), Entrepreneur Unified have created a securities offering.

There is no information on the Entrepreneur Unified website suggesting they are licensed to offer securities in any market around the world. Despite this, the company solicits investment from affiliates worldwide.

By all appearances Entrepreneur Unified’s Royalty Points is an unregistered securities offering, which is a major compliance issue.

In addition to this, the weekly ROI paid out on the points must be shown to be directly connected to the sale of any developed products. Otherwise the company is simply shuffling newly invested funds to pay off existing investors, which would make it a Ponzi scheme.

The main way you will earn with Entrepreneur Unified is by referring others to buy out RPs.

Referral commissions add a pyramid layer to Entrepreneur Unified, in light of there being nothing marketed to or sold to retail customers.

Bear in mind this should not be confused with retail sales of any products developed, as the MLM opportunity itself needs to be marketing and selling a product or service to retail customers.

As it stands 100% of the revenue raised by Entrepreneur Unified is sourced from affiliate investment, making referral commissions paid out a pyramid scheme.

The fact that Entrepreneur Unified haven’t lead with product(s) they are developing is revealing. It suggests that side of the business hasn’t truly been thought out.

What will likely happen is once new affiliate recruitment dies down, new funds entering the scheme will crash and with it the weekly Royalty Point ROI.

As that happens more and more affiliates will rush to sell Royalty Points on the Royalty Position Market, an inhouse exchange.

The only way to sell Royalty Positions is through the market. The price is determined by you. But there can be different people who are offering RPs for lesser value than you.

As affiliates compete to sell their worthless Royalty Points at lower and lower prices with nobody buying, the price bottoms out and the entire scheme collapses.

At that point Shebin John has already made his money by selling Royalty Points through Entrepreneur Unified, with the majority of affiliates invariably losing out.