Late last year the clawback trial for Canadian net-winners of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme was rescheduled for February 13th.

Last month the trial was rescheduled again for May 15th. Simultaneously, the Zeek Receiver has also filed a Motion for Summary Judgement.

As with the previous reschedule, there is no reason for the new May date provided on the Canadian net-winner case court docket.

On January 24th the Zeek Receiver filed a Motion for Summary Judgment against Devey Dejong, Ruth Konig, Beverly Dawn Trca-Kitchen and Sandra Gavel.

Some of the named defendants did not appear on the original Canadian net-winner lawsuit. Others in the original lawsuit are not listed on the summary judgement filing, suggesting they might have settled.

Citing Summary Judgement granted against US net-winners, the established fraudulent transfer of money to the Canadian net-winners and the legal requirement they be paid back,

the Receiver respectfully requests that the Court enter summary judgment in his favor on his North Carolina Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act and Constructive Trust claims in the amount of Defendants’ net winnings in the amounts stated above from the ZeekRewards scheme.

The court docket shows the Canadian net-winner defendants were given until February 7th to file a response to the Summary Judgement filing.

No filed responses are recorded on the docket as of today.

Personally I can’t see this going to trial. Zeek has been certified a Ponzi scheme in both civil and criminal court cases. Just today Paul Burks was sentenced to fourteen years and eight months in prison following a wire fraud conviction.

Pending a decision on the Receiver’s motion, stay tuned…


Update 16th March 2017 – A decision on the Receiver’s Motion for Summary Judgement has been delayed, pending the outcome of settlement negotiations between two Canadian net-winners.

In early March Ruth Konig and Beverly Dawn Trca-Kitchen entered into settlement negotiations with the Receivership. Those negotiations are ongoing, with the court granting a March 31st extension to reply to the Receiver’s Summary Judgement motion.

A third defendant, Devey Dejong, wrote to the court on March 7th to advise she has already settled with the Receiver.

It is expected Konig and Trca-Kitchen will have settled by March 31st, with a decision on summary judgement then pending against the remaining defendants.


Update 12th May 2017 – As per a May 2nd order, a jury trial has been scheduled for October 17th, 2017.