On May 6th, Xango announced it had been acquired by Zija International.

Xango market mangosteen juice and Zija a range of moringa-based supplements.

As per a press-release issued on the Xango website;

Today the iconic brand, XANGO, is becoming part of direct selling legacy company Zija International and the Zija family.

Over the last 15 years we have built XANGO into one of the most powerful brands in the business. No one offers the experience, the history and the shared values that Zija and its founder Ken Brailsford possess.

A legacy company plus a legendary industry brand – that’s the new global foundation for all of you.

With Zija, XANGO distributors can now access additional world-class products in more markets around the world.

Add to that an impressive production facility, state-of-the-art technology to fuel the business and we are set to create the greatest growth story in all of network marketing.

Although not a complete picture, Alexa traffic estimates for the Xango website show a decline throughout most of 2016. At the start of this year things did pick up again, although evidently not enough to keep Xango afloat.

That said how far the Zija deal’s origins go is unclear.

The Zija International website was all but dead until around October, 2016. Xango definitely appeared to be the stronger of the two companies so not sure what’s going on there.

BehindMLM reviewed Xango back in 2013 and concluded that the majority of company’s revenue was likely sourced from affiliate autoship orders.

In 2016 the FTC compared Xango’s compensation plan to that of Vemma, which it had just shut down for being a $200 million dollar pyramid scheme.

Zija International was reviewed in 2011. It’s business model had a much stronger retail focus than that of Xango, however steep affiliate recruitment requirements were also present.