world-ventures-logoBack in February 2014, the Norwegian Gaming Board ruled World Ventures was an illegal pyramid scheme.

World Ventures filed an appeal, which they lost later that year in November.

Within a month World Ventures ceased operating in Norway. Some Norwegian-based affiliates however continue to market World Ventures internationally.

The next move by World Ventures saw the company file for an injunction against the Norwegian Gaming Board, which was denied in early 2015.

In June 2015 a World Ventures affiliate claimed the company was going to sue the Norwegian government.

In February of this year news broke that World Ventures was suing the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

A decision on the lawsuit was reached a few days ago…

In their lawsuit, World Ventures sought to have the Gaming Board’s original conclusion “invalidated”.

World Ventures claimed the conclusion was ‘based on errors of law, errors and incomplete facts of the case and an unjust assessment of the business.

Upon hearing the case, the Oslo District Court ruled that World Ventures’ revenue was generated from recruitment of affiliates ‘and not from the consumption or sale of goods, services or any other arrangement‘.

The court concluded therefore that World Ventures in Norway looked much like a pyramid scheme at the time the Gaming Board made its decision.

World Ventures lawsuit against the Ministry of Culture was dismissed and  the company has been ordered to pay 327,000 kr in costs ($40,551 USD).

World Ventures now has a month to appeal the decision.

Given how many appeals World Ventures has already lost though, perhaps they’d be better off just accepting paying affiliates to recruit new affiliates constitutes a pyramid scheme.