world-ventures-logoA year ago World Ventures lost their Norway appeal, which saw the ruling that World Ventures is a pyramid scheme upheld.

Six months later Steinar Husby, WorldVentures’ “official spokesperson” in Norway, told local media that the company was going to sue Norwegian authorities.

That was June 2015 but to date no legal action on behalf of World Ventures has surfaced.

Today if you try to visit the WorldVentures backoffice of a Norwegian affiliate, the following message is displayed:


At the present time, WorldVentures has temporarily ceased business operations in Norway.

Regrettably, this means that WorldVentures will not accept the enrollment of new Representatives or DreamTrips members in Norway.

If you are an existing Representative in Norway, please cease any activity promoting the WorldVentures business and products in all markets at this time.

Despite this ban being in place since December 2014, apparently it doesn’t apply to Steinar Husby.

If you visit the WorldVentures website, click the orange “sign up” button at the top of the page, enter “11738101” as the affiliate ID and then click any country flag except Norway, the following registration screen pops up:


Note the referring affiliate, “Alfakonsult Ltd”.

Further research reveals Alfakonsult Ltd to be a Private Limited Company registered in the UK.

The address used to register Alfakonsult Ltd in the UK belongs to London Presence, who sell mail forwarding services starting at £14.99 a month.

Steinar Husby (right) is listed as the sole Director of Alfakonsult, with Husby openly citing himself as the owner of the company on his LinkedIn profile (note company name appears as “Alfaconsult”):


Husby to this day also markets WorldVentures on his Twitter profile:


So to recap, since December 2014 WorldVentures have apparently ceased doing business in Norway and ordered their Norwegian affiliates to stop promoting the company.

And here we have Steinar Husby, who lives in Norway and has been a Norwegian WorldVentures affiliate since 2010, openly promoting WorldVentures through his UK shell company, Alfakonsult.

Whether other Norwegian affiliates are breaching Norwegian law and WorldVentures T&Cs by promoting WorldVentures through shell companies is unclear.

Ditto whether the Norwegian Gaming Board are aware their binding legal decision is being openly mocked.

As to WorldVentures, I’m sure someone at corporate must know what’s going on. But uh yeah, continue turn a blind eye so long as that recruitment money continues to flow in I guess.