wealth-masters-international-logoWhen Wealth Masters International had their appeal denied and a ban on operating the business in Norway was upheld, you’d have thought some uneasiness would have flowed through the company’s ranks.

After all, Wealth Masters strives to be the ‘world’s premiere wealth creation community’, and it’s a bit hard to achieve that status when countries start banning you for being a pyramid scheme.

Instead of publicly addressing the concerns, accusations and final ruling of the Norwegian Gaming Board against them however, WMI have instead appeared to have shifted focus entirely on their North American operations.

Just days after the Gaming Board upheld that WMI is a pyramid scheme and kicked them out of Norway, WMI has announced the acquisition of five “top producers” to the company; Jeremy Miner (Lifepath Unlimited), Jashin Howell (Global Resorts Network), Ty Coughlin (Reverse Funnel System, Global Resorts Network), Tony Rush and Gene Braxton (Liberty League International, Polaris Media Group, Numis Network, Avant).

I won’t comment on the histories of these marketers as personally I haven’t intimately been following their careers, save to say that all of them appear to have made their fortunes elsewhere – rather than be homegrown success stories that originated from Wealth Masters themselves.

Having been in business since 2005, you’d think that by now there’d be some pillar members in Wealth Masters that the company itself would have retained and be able to showcase. That appears to not be the case.

Rather we’ve got this awkward situation where Wealth Masters are completely ignoring their regulatory woes in Norway and are instead hoping to divert attention away by focusing on their North American efforts.

I know that if I was in a company that was labelled a pyramid scheme overseas I’d be going over the information very carefully and levelling some pretty specific questions at my upline.

‘Why did this happen?’

‘What is my company doing to adress the issues raised?’

‘What support was offered to my company’s members following the decision’ and most important of all;

‘could what happened in Norway happen here?’

These are the questions Wealth Masters should be internally and publicly addressing but instead all we’re hearing is about is the attraction of new third party talent to the company.

Third party talent with no prior history or proven track record with the Wealth Masters compensation plan or products.

Should Wealth Masters ever face regulatory scrutiny elsewhere in the world, no doubt the Norwegian Gaming Board’s investigation and conclusion of the business will be a strong influencing factor.

In a business sense, publicly addressing these concerns is of far more importance right now than attracting new talent to the company and carrying on as if it’s business as usual.

Being kicked out a country and labelled a pyramid scheme isn’t small potatoes and until Wealth Masters acknowledge that, it’s going to be their own personal elephant in the room everywhere they go.

…so hows about it guys?