I received an email tip-off that Visalus had been sold off to Pruvit.

There is evidence out there to support the claim, but to date neither company appears to have publicly acknowledged the sale.

Strange much?

I was able to confirm something went down at Pruvit’s recent “Hacking Better” October event.

Visalus co-founder Nick Sanicola published a photo of Pruvit’s October event on his personal Instagram:

The relevant parts of the caption read;

The first photo was last weekend in Louisville.

Looking forward to the journey with all of you who make it. And grateful for those who were a part of journeys passed.

On to the next decade!

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This is supported by a November 2nd blog post by Mr Ketosis, a Pruvit distributor.

Pruvit and Vi (Body by Vi) Partnership

We Pruvit are excited to officially announce our partnership with fellow health-based company, Vi.

This partnership between Pruvit and Vi means MØRE Prüvers sharing the Ketone Conversation and even BETTER innovation & technology to help YOU become the BEST version of yourself.

There is strength in numbers and we’re BETTER together. Welcome to the Prüvit Community, Vi!

It was super great to being in attendance at the last Pruvit Hacking Better Event where Vi representatives were in attendance.

Google cache also provided me with this, from a since deleted article on another site;

One of the biggest revelations came on the last night of Hacking Better… Pruvit has now acquired the direct sales company Visalus.

Pruvit will continue to promote their current product line. Pruvit will NOT distribute and of the Visalus Body By Vi shake mix or any other product line of health and wellness products.

The Visalus company executives Blake Mallen, Ryan Blair and Nick Sarnicola were all present at the Hacking Better event – and addressed questions about the future partnership of Pruvit and Visalus.

The Visalus leadership team were open about some of their failures in running Visalus.

Visalus peaked around 2012 with the Body By Vi Challenge.

But with massive growth, the company culture suffered. While they were successful marketers, the company was not doing anything unique or innovative with their product line.

This along with legal problems landed the company in the position to either get acquired or go out of business.

From a business perspective Visalus has been in decline for a number of years now. That’s not to say things have been quiet though.

Over the past few months Visalus settled two fraud related civil lawsuits. Another quietly settled lawsuit pertained to an Amazon retail racket.

Just over three years ago the company also laid off a ton of staff, and who can forget the hacking espionage scandal?

A few months ago we reviewed Liv, a confusing Visalus spinoff that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.

Pruvit launched back in 2015. We weren’t impressed with the company’s “pee on a stick” marketing approach.

There’s been a few legal stoushes with other MLM companies, but things have otherwise been quiet.

Oh, except for the screwing over of loyal Pruvit distributors earlier this year.

Not really sure why this is being kept hush hush… but uh there you go. Pruvit seems to have bought what was left of Visalus.