In an MLM compensation plan, typically the most difficult bonuses to qualify for are those that payout periodically.

Initial qualification can be steep but also once qualified for, qualification is typically often required be maintained over a period of time.

Worse still, even when qualified for, there’s pretty much nothing stopping a company quietly dropping the bonus without paying out.

Such appears to be the case with Pruvit’s Consistency Bonus.

The Consistency Bonus sometime after our 2015 Pruvit launch review.

In their own words, Pruvit stated the Consistency Bonus is to “reward promoters for commitment and loyalty to the Pruvit opportunity”.

To qualify for the Consistency Bonus, a Pruvit affiliate had to stay commission qualified and generate at least $60 in new sales volume for twelve consecutive months.

If the above qualification criteria was met, Pruvit paid a 2% Consistency Bonus on an affiliate’s entire annual earnings.

In the second year of unbroken qualification the Consistency Bonus rose to 4% of earnings over the past two years.

Three years of unbroken Consistency Bonus paid a 6% bonus on the past three years earnings.

Four years was 8% of the past four years earnings and five years 10% of the past five years earnings.

Also at five years, the new volume requirement was waived – meaning all a Pruvit affiliate had to do to continue qualifying was stay commission qualified.

Pruvit’s compensation plan suggested that provided qualification was unbroken, there was no limit to the Consistency Bonus.

Every year that this continuous, unbroken string of qualifying is achieved after year five an additional 1% is added to your Consistency Bonus

There is no limit to how high the (Consistency Bonus) percentage can get.

The catch?

If an affiliate cashed out their earned Consistency Bonus, Pruvit reset their Consistency Bonus back to year one (as if it had never been qualified for).

Fair enough. Pruvit enticed affiliates to roll over their Consistency Bonus, on the promise of higher payouts – provided they remained “loyal” to the company by generating required monthly volume.

Unfortunately however, as some Pruvit affiliates recently found out, the company has not reciprocated their loyalty.

I recently received word that Pruvit “silently” dropping the Consistency Bonus.

Pruvit has nixed their “Consistency Bonus” from their comp plan after a few years of it being on there and without paying it out to promoters.

There was no company announcement regarding this change.

Indeed perusal of Pruvit’s updated Pruformance Rewards compensation plan, confirms the Consistency Bonus has been dropped.

So what’s the story here? Pruvit asked for loyalty from their affiliates, but when the time came to payout quietly abandoned them?

Because it certainly looks like it.

Our source states that Pruvit affiliates “who were looking forward to getting paid on” the Consistency Bonus will now not be paid.

They’ve been neither formally informed of this or provided an explanation why.

If Pruvit wants to change their compensation plan and get rid of the Consistency Bonus, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But affiliates who have qualified for it and not cashed out, should at the very least receive whatever year of qualifying they are up to.

In a perfect world they’d receive up until the current year. Evidently though rewarding loyalty isn’t a focus for Pruvit going forward.