A few days ago the website “USI-Tech Legal Claims” popped up.

The stated purpose of the site is to “address legal harms caused by USI-Tech in the U.S. & Canada”.

This site and the related services were created on the eve of USI-Techs sudden, total, and harmful withdrawal from the U.S. and Canada–by attorneys, a U.S. law firm, and cryptocurrency and block-chain professionals and experts, whose families and friends were heavily involved with and invested in USI-Tech.

We are INTIMATELY and PERSONALLY aware of the struggles, difficulties, and harms you are facing.

Visitors to the USI-Tech Legal Claims website are encouraged to provide personal information and financial disclosures related to their involvement in USI-Tech.

No information about who is behind the website is provided.

Further research reveals a YouTube channel bearing the same “USI-Tech Legal Claims” branding.

Videos on the channel are hosted by Joshua R. Kotter, a practicing Montana attorney with the firm Mountain State Attorneys.

As per the screenshot above, Kotter doesn’t appear to want Mountain State Attorneys directly connected to his USI-Tech website.

Instead he’s going with “Legal Crypto Law”, which claims it’s

a national / international law firm working in the areas of property and asset protection, blockchain technology, and other areas.

The firm claims to be “on its toes” dealing with the recent “shut down” of the USI-Tech, Laser Online and Hexabot Ponzi schemes.

In a video uploaded on January 10th titled “USI-Tech Not Clear & Ignoring, Says TX Securities Board-Attorneys Helping Affected Affiliates-No.3“, Kotter claims to have spoken directly with the Texas Securities Board.

After leaving three or four messages with the Texas Securities Board, Kotter claims he got in contact with the Securities Board’s “main enforcement attorney … that is handling the USI-Tech matter”.

[14:35] I was able to leave a voicemail message and send an email, and today, January 10th, I had a phone call with that individual for approximately forty-five minutes to an hour.

(It was) a very informative phone call.

[23:22] Higher authorities inside and outside the United States are communicating with that law enforcement agency, about everything that’s going on, everything that’s happened – and are looking at… uh, doing other things.

And that’s all that was said. But authorities higher than and outside the Texas State Securities Board and inside and/or outside the United States are looking at that.

Kotter also claims that USI-Tech have as of yet not responded to the Texas Securities Board cease and desist.

This includes failing to request an emergency hearing within ten days to challenge the cease and desist.

[21:31] USI-Tech has not requested such a hearing. USI-Tech has not responded to the cease and desist order.

[21:50] The Texas State Securities Board has had zero communication with anyone or anything related to USI-Tech.

When USI-Tech suspended affiliate withdrawals on Monday, the company told affiliates:

All further action in the US and Canada is now in the hands of our legal advisors. All subsequent steps will only be carried out on the basis of legally-compliant instructions from our advisors.

Whatever “further action” USI-Tech might have taken since receiving the Texas cease and desist notice, doesn’t appear to include cooperation with US authorities.

If USI-Tech fails to provide evidence to the Texas Securities Board that it’s not a Ponzi scheme by January 20th, the company will officially be an illegal securities offering in Texas.

With respect to “higher authorities” investigating USI-Tech, in the US that would be the SEC, who regulate securities fraud at a federal level.

As at the time of publication an SEC investigation into USI-Tech is presumed but not confirmed.

Outside of the US would likely be authorities in Dubai, Portugal, Brazil and/or Germany.

USI-Tech itself operates as a shell company purportedly incorporated in the Dubai.

Its principals, Joao Severino, Horst Jicha, Ralf Gold (co-founders) and Mike Kiefer (Master Distributor), are believed to be residing in Portugal, Germany, Brazil and Dubai and/or Switzerland respectively.

None of USI-Tech’s principals have made a public appearance since the Texas cease and desist was issued on December 20th, 2017.

US Master Distributors Dan and Patty Hunt were initially communicating with USI-Tech affiliates but appear to have since gone into hiding.

The last known communication from the Hunts was a January 8th Facebook video featuring Patty Hunt.


Footnote: Nothing in the above article or on BehindMLM should be taken as an endorsement of Joshua Kotter, USI-Tech Legal Claims,  Legal Crypto Law or Mountain State Attorneys.

Personally if I was a victim of USI-Tech I’d be getting in contact with the SEC, as they are typically the regulatory body who dismantle MLM Ponzi schemes.

In the past we’ve typically seen litigation started by external lawyers representing Ponzi victims set aside in favor of a Receivership or Trustee claims process.

That said I’m neither a lawyer or accountant so the above should not be taken as legal or financial advice.