USI-Tech co-founder Ralf Gold has been found dead in Brazil.

As per a June 19th article from Radio Acesa spotted by the FaceBook group USI-Tech – Now What!?, Gold, 59, was “found dead inside the Clube do Tiro” on Wednesday.

“Clube de Tiro” is a shooting, hunting and fishing club in Cambota, Valenca.

Valenca is a municipality in Rio de Janeiro, a state along Brazil’s east coast.

A search of Gold’s rented car at the scene revealed

two 9mm and .380 caliber pistols, a 357 revolver, an intact 9mm pistol magazine, twenty-seven 9mm cases, six bank cards, R$860 in cash (~$157 USD), a luxury watch, cell phone and weapons papers.

Gold’s cause of death has not been made public. Radio Acesa reports the case has been forwarded to authorities for investigation.

USI-Tech was an MLM forex turned crypto Ponzi launched in 2016. The scam was co-founded by Gold and accomplices Horst Jicha and Joao Severino.

Jicha was arrested on USI-Tech related fraud charges in the US last December. Severino remains at large.

Cited as co-conspirators in Jicha’s indictment, it’s assumed both Gold and Severino have also been indicted under seal pending their arrest.

Gold is now obviously out of the picture. The whereabouts and status of Severino remain unknown.

The fourth ringleader in USI-Tech was top promoter Mike Keifer.

Keifer, a German national, is reported to have “unexpectedly” died last August.

US authorities allege USI-Tech defrauded consumers out of  “approximately 1774 bitcoin”.

At the time of USI-Tech’s third and final collapse in January 2018, the haul came to roughly $26,8 million USD.

At the time of Jicha’s arrest in December 2023, the haul was worth $77.8 million.

How much in stolen USI-Tech investor funds Ralf Gold, Joao Severino and Mike Kiefer made off with is unclear.

How much will ultimately be recovered through Horst Jicha’s expected conviction remains to be seen.

Pending any further updates on Gold’s death in Brazil, we’ll keep you posted.