About a week ago now it was revealed that TVI Express had been ordered to cease and desist operations in the US state of Georgia and possibly Hawaii. The reason for the cease and desist was because TVI Express was allegedly non-compliant with US state law regarding MLM business opportunities.

Turns out these orders are not only very real but serious enough that TVI Express has hired lawyers Grimes and Reese (who count Monavie and the Trump Network as clients) to ensure full compliance in the US.

In a recent update sent out to his downline, TVI Express Presidential member Don Traurig wrote

Hi Team,

We obtained some big news today from Grimes and Reese, the law firm working on making TVI compliant in the US. They are the premier law firm to represent network marketing companies in the US.

We spoke directly to Kevin Grimes of Grimes & Reese Law Firm on the phone this morning (Tuesday, Sept. 7th). He confirmed that TVI Express is one of their clients and that Grimes & Reese is currently working with TVI to make them compliant in the United States.

I know its hard to be patient but most great things in life do take patience and knowing that Grimes and Reese is working on making TVI compliant with the laws of the US is monumental news to us!!!!!

Meanwhile I would have thought the monumental news to TVI Express distributors was that TVI Express wasn’t compliant in the first place but hey.

Additionally, it’s interesting to note that whilst TVI Express’ non compliance has sent some founders like Patrick Dejour running, others seem to be somewhat excited at the prospect of TVI being made legal. Y’know, this after working the business for in some cases over two years or more.

I had a look at the TVI Express opportunity a while back now and one look of their compensation plan was enough to convince me it was just a money game.

Whilst it’s great to see TVI Express appear to be actively doing something about their US non-compliance (as opposed to absolutely nothing against the pyramid scheme charges laid out against them in Australia), lawyers or not there’s a fundamental flaw to their business plan that prevents compliance.

I’m not a lawyer nor do I carry the weight of the FCC… but here’s a tip guys; you’re never going to obtain compliance when you’ve got the following information prominently displayed on your website;

Do I need to sell any products?

No. You don’t need to sell any products.

How TVI Express was permitted to trade in the US for two years I have no idea. Best of luck to Grimes and Reese, you’re going to need it guys.