I haven’t had the time yet to explore the TVI Express business opportunity but it seems that if the Australian Competitive and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have their way I won’t get a chance to.

Today a ruling by the Federal Court of Australia effectively banned TVI Express from being promoted in Australia.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has obtained orders in the Federal Court in Sydney stopping Laulhati “Teddi” Jutsen, Tina Brownlee and David Scanlon from promoting the scheme, accepting payments from new “members” or paying other participants.

Not only that but the ACCC seem are going one step further and requesting injunctions to stop Jutsen, Brownlee and Scanlon from engaging in any similar business conduct in the future.

Another one bites the dust?

Tvi Express have responded to the federal court ruling, stating ‘the ACCC claims will be “strenuously defended”‘. It is unclear whether by ‘defended’ TVI Express mean completely changing their pyramid scheme business model or not…

…with the ACCC and Australian Federal Court on their backs this might be the only option if TVI Express wish to trade once again in Australia.

Between the launch of LiveSmart 360, rumors of Brent Payne’s new personal development company launching and MLM companies being declared pyramid schemes in Australia, it seems we’re set for an exciting week of MLM news!