tripazon-logoWhen I first visited the Tripazon website, it was refreshing to see a different approach to your traditional heavy MLM sales pitch.

There was no cheesy looking stock photos of smiling executives, nobody sitting on a beach with their laptops looking pleased with themselves, or images of tons of money trying to get me excited. Instead what you had was a storybook approach that you scrolled down to learn more.

It did feel a bit childish and simplistic but in an industry where I’m often left scratching my head a few times trying to understand the complexities of the various businesses I review, it was a welcome change.

So, top marks to Tripazon for that. Being in the MLM travel niche though, ultimately their biggest challenge is going to be proving they aren’t just a membership club like to many travel club based MLMs are.

So how do Tripazon stack up?

Read on for a full review of the Tripazon MLM opportunity.

The Company

Despite having a relatively easy to get sales pitch, unfortunately the Tripazon website (as far as I can tell) doesn’t mention who owns or is running the business.

The domain was registered on the 18th July 2011, however the domain registration information is set to private so for whatever reason the owners of Tripazon don’t want you knowing who they are.

A quick google search reveals that Tripazon is a sister-company of existing MLM opportunity ‘Resorts 360’ and owned by Roger Rutter (photo right).

Apparently Rutter teamed up with Jeff Uhrmacher (who was/is a top earner in Resorts 360) to launch Tripazon, although why they don’t just go ahead and state that on the Tripazon website escapes me.

For all intents and purposes, Tripazon appears to be a cheaper option (reboot) of Resorts 360.

The Tripazon Product

Tripazon is a travel club which claims to offer members discounted cruises and travel packages, car rentals, golf discounts and medical travel insurance.

As far as the Tripazon MLM opportunity goes though, the company itself does not handle the travel side of the bookings. Instead, as is common with MLM companies in the travel niche, all travel services are outsourced to third parties.

Tripazon, through membership to the company, merely offer access to these travel discounts.

You cannot gain access to Tripazon’s discounts without joining the company first and paying a membership fee.

The Tripazon Compensation Plan

The Tripazon compensation plan combines a binary frontend, which provides a monthly paired bonus, along with a unilevel backend which pays out a Fast Start Bonus and residual monthly income.

Binary Commissions

A binary structure starts with you at the top and then branches out into two legs. These two legs in turn branch out into two new legs and so on and so forth.

The first few levels of the binary structure look like this:

Tripazon pay out what’s called a pairing bonus as you fill up this binary. Tripazon refer to this as a ‘team cycle bonus’ and the basic idea is that for each pair of 6 you make with your binary (3 on one side and 3 on the other side), Tripazon will pay you out a $100 commission.

For example if you had 12 Tripazon members on the left side of your binary and 14 on the right, at the end of the week this would produce 4 pairs (3+3+3+3 on your left and 3+3+3+3 on your right with 2 not counted) and you would earn a $400 ‘team cycle bonus’ commission.

Unilevel Commissions

The unilvel structure differs to a binary in that for each member you recruit, a new leg is created underneath you. This forms the first level of your unilevel organisation.

If the members you’ve recruited bring in new members to the company, they then form your second level. If your second level recruits a new member, they form your third level and so on and so forth.

Tripazon pay you out a direct referral commission of $10 on your first two recruited members, and then $20 thereafter.

For members on your unilevel that sit at levels 2 and beyond, Tripazon will also pay you $10 a month. Note that you pass up the monthly residual commission on the first two members recruited by the first two members you personally recruit.

The Fast Start Bonus is a once off commission and is paid out at

  • $20 on the first two members you recruit
  • $40 on members three and onwards
  • $20 on levels 2 onwards (you pass up the first two Fast Start Bonuses on the first two members recruited by the first two members you recruited on your level 1)

Tripazon Membership Ranks

Tripazon cap how much you can each week with the binary cycle commission based on how many new members you have recruited. Here are the Tripazon membership ranks, along with their cycle commission caps and recruitment requirements;

  • Associate –  recruit 2 members, cycle commissions capped at $1000 a week
  • Manager –  recruit 3 members, cycle commissions capped at $2000 a week
  • Director – recruit 5 members with at least 2 managers in your binary (1 on each side), cycle commissions capped at $5000 a week
  • Senior Director – recruit 10 members with at least 4 managers in your binary (2 on each side), cycle commissions capped at $10,000 a week
  • Presidential – recruit 20 members with at least 8 managers in your binary (4 on each side), cycle commissions capped at $20,000 a week

Joining Tripazon

Those looking to join Tripazon are up for a $199 membership fee and $59 a month.


Unfortunately, despite the offers Tripazon offer at the end of the day it is membership to the company that is being sold here. Tripazon call it sales and whilst this is true, it’s only the sale of company membership – which isn’t a product.

With no distinction between sales and membership, all of Tripazon’s commissions are tied into recruitment and this is a big red flag when it comes to MLM.

Despite Roger Rutter launching Resorts 360 back in 2009, nearly three years later it appears Rutter still hasn’t learnt that a MLM opportunity that relies on the constant drive for new recruits just isn’t going to work in the long run.

For Resorts 360 this appears to have been a few years after launch but with Tripazon being much cheaper (but essentially the same thing), I imagine it’ll be within a shorter timeframe (lower price point = burn through new signups faster).

Best to avoid this one folks, as a MLM income opportunity goes, Tripazon is no different to any other recruitment driven travel club out there.