The Traiborg Privacy Policy states that Traiborg is ‘owned by Creaciones Traiborg, S.L.‘ The company’s “Anti-Spam Policy” goes on to specifically name a “Traian Borgovan” who, as per the Traiborg website domain registration, owns Creaciones Traiborg S.L.

The Traiborg website domain registration also provides a corporate address for Creaciones Traiborg S.L. in Andalusia (Spain) is also provided, indicating that this is where Traiborg are operating out of.


It’s noted that the company’s name, Traiborg, appears to originate from the splicing of Borgovan’s first and surnames (Traian Borgovan).

On the MLM history side of things, Borgovan (right) lists Revenue Times ($10 investment scheme) and GlobAllShare (social network shares) as “groups and interests” on his LinkedIn profile.

Pinning down a launch date for Traiborg was a bit of a challenge, but it appears the company officially launched it’s MLM affiliate business in mid to early 2013.

Read on for a full review of the Traiborg MLM business opportunity.

The Traiborg Product Line

Traiborg run a social network, which costs nothing to join. As per the plugins visible in the source-code of the network, Traiborg’s social network is running the SocialEngine third-party social network platform:



On their website SocialEngine state ‘no coding or design skills (are) needed’ to use their platform, and that it can ‘launch in minutes‘.

SocialEngine sell their social network platform for $299 to $699.

Users of Traiborg have the option of “upgrading” to VIP membership, which costs 16 EUR annually. Traiborg state on their website that VIP membership qualifies an affiliate for “double commissions”.

Within the Traiborg social network, users (free and paid) can purchase positions in the company’s MLM compensation plan for $6 a month and/or $100 (once-time). Bundled with each payment option are advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the Traiborg website.

The Traiborg Compensation Plan

The Traiborg compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing matrix positions with the compensation plan. These positions are available in two individual compensation plans, as detailed below:

$6 a month matrix commissions

Traiborg members pay 6 EUR a month for a position in a 5×3 matrix. A 5×3 matrix places a position at the top of the matrix, with five positions directly under it.


An additional five positions are under each of these positions, and then again to make up the third level for a total of 155 positions.

Each position in the matrix represents a position bought by an affiliates recruited downline or upline.

Traiborg claim to share “up to 85% of the monthly position fees paid by affiliates, with affiliates paid based on how many positions their up and downlines have purchased.

  • Level 1 and 2 filled positions in the matrix pay out 1 EUR a month
  • Level 3 positions pays out 3 EUR a month

Once all 155 positions have been filled in a matrix, Traiborg give affiliates a new matrix to fill up again (still paying out on the existing one).

$100 3×2 Matrix Commissions

For 100 EUR Traiborg affiliates can purchase a position in a series of 3×2 matrices. These matrices need to be filled in the same manner as the 5×3 matrix above, however this time there is only 3 positions under the top one two levels deep:


Whereas the 6 EUR a month matrices pay out monthly, the 3×2 matrices are paid out as cycle commissions. This means that an entire 3×2 matrix must be filled before an affiliate is paid commissions.

Once all twelve positions in the first 3×2 matrix are full (Bronze), the affiliate position at the top of the matrix “cycles” out and is paid 160 EUR.

Once a Bronze position cycles out, a new Bronze matrix is created and the affiliate is also given a new position in a Silver 3×2 matrix. The Silver matrix is identical to Bronze structure wise, paying out 900 EUR when filled.

Once an affiliate’s Silver matrix is full they are given a position in a new Silver matrix, as well as a new Gold matrix position. Gold operates the same as the other two matrices, paying out 4800 EUR, a laptop and three Bronze matrix positions to use to recruit new affiliates with.

Recruitment commissions

When a free affiliate’s recruited free affiliates “upgrade” to paid affiliate membership (17 EUR), a 4 EUR commission is paid.

When a paid affiliate’s recruited free affiliates “upgrade” to paid affiliate membership, the commission paid out is 8 EUR per affiliate.

Joining Traiborg

Affiliate membership to Traiborg is free or 16 EUR annually.

Paid Traiborg membership doubles the recruitment commissions paid out when free affiliates become paid affiliates.


Running on a third-party social network platform, there’s not all that much to the social networking side of Traiborg that can’t readily be found elsewhere.

As with all MLM social networks to date, essentially it’s a marketing gimmick that masks your typical matrix-driven recruitment scheme.

Affiliates sign up for free (or pay 17 EUR if they plan on focus on recruiting), and then buy into the system at 6 EUR a month and/or 100 EUR.

A bunch of marketing stuff (advertising) is included with said fees, but the money is being handed over to participate in Traiborg’s compensation plan.

You drop 6 EUR a month and 100 EUR per Bronze 3×2 matrix position, and once enough new positions have been bought by affiliates you and your upline have recruited, you get paid.

One could argue that free affiliate membership counts as retail, but this is false considering free members have access to the compensation plan (thus they are affiliates too).

With all the free positions being created each time an affiliates cycles out, standard pyramid scheme collapse rules apply – that being once recruitment dries up at the bottom of the scheme, the top will rapidly collapse (stall).

And of course once the matrices stall, Traiborg is pretty much dead in the water.