There is no information on the GlobAllShare website indicating who owns or runs the business.

GlobAllShare’s website domain (“”) was registered on the 19th of September 2012 but only lists “GlobAllShare Inc.” as the owner.

An address in London in the UK is provided, however a Google search reveals virtual offices are for sale at this address for around $200 a month.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The GlobAllShare Product Line

GlobAllShare has no retailable products or services. The company runs (or plans to at the time of publication of this review) a social network, with affiliates who sign up and recruit before the launch awarded “shares” in the company.

After the launch of GlobAllShare’s social network, affiliates will be able to buy and sell these shares amongst themselves.

The GlobAllShare Compensation Plan

The basic idea of the GlobAllShare compensation plan is that during their prelaunch phase, affiliates of the company will generate shares.

GlobAllShare shares its global profit with its users, who have contributed to the global growth and spreading during the pre-organisation period.

Shares are generated by GlobAllShare affiliates when the recruit new affiliates into the company:

If you have invited 5 of your friends successfully, you will get 1 GlobAllShare share straight away.

If directly recruited affiliates recruits five new affiliates of their own, another share is generated for the initial upline affiliate.

In a nutshell, you recruit 5 and earn a share, with additional shares being awarded to you whenever someone in your downline recruits 5 new affiliates (applying down seven levels of recruitment).

GlobAllShare state they will then pay out ‘70% of the global profit‘, distributed equally over the amount of shares generated in prelaunch and paid out to affiliates based on how many shares they have.

Note that after GlobAllShare’s prelaunch phase is over, no new shares are generated.

Affiliates are however able to buy and sell shares amongst themselves, with GlobAllShare using an example of $10 face value per share and stating that ‘the face value of the shares may easily reach $20 or $40‘.

Joining GlobAllShare

Affiliate membership to GlobAllShare is free, with the company stating that

Registration is and will remain all free.


Putting aside the fact that beyond the shares offered by GlobAllShare and the attached promise of dividends I can’t actually see why anyone would use their social network, the GlobAllShare compensation plan raises some serious red flags.

First and foremost there’s the shares themselves. The generation of the shares is recruitment driven, and although no money exchanges hands it’s still the equivalent of a pyramid scheme.


GlobAllShare quite clearly promise larger commissions (technically dividends if we’re talking shares), directly tied into the number of new affiliates recruited into the scheme.

Then of course there’s the question of “where does the money come from?”

With membership being free it’s not coming from the affiliates themselves and as far as the GlobAllShare social network goes, it’s not coming from there either:

The use of GlobAllShare community is all free. Neither now, nor in the future will you have to pay for the use.

You may get services at GlobAllShare’s website completely free for which elsewhere you used to pay.

Free phone, free video-calls, live web-lectures, web-conference, video-email, SMS sending, games, films, music and all free you may create your own website or web-store, too.

That all sounds nice, but revenue wise it’s not generating anything. That leaves advertising as the primary (only?) source of revenue for the company.

Supporting this is the fact that Google Adsense ads currently feature on the GlobAllShare website.

A recent example of another MLM social network that tried to run a business model around Adsense revenue was Social Paycheck.

Social Paycheck was launched in December 2012 and offered affiliates a share of the advertising revenue the site generated.

Today Social Paycheck is no more, with Google promptly shutting down their Adsense account following the company’s launch:

SPC is sorry to inform everyone that we are no longer operating.

Due to losing our Google contract, we no longer have the income to operate.

Why did Google do that?

Well turns out when you’re paying your affiliates advertising revenue you inadvertently encourage them to click the ads your displaying.

This of course creates zero value to advertisers and naturally is not the kind of publisher Google want. And it’s not just Google either, any reputable advertising program will have no interest in providing revenue to a website that pays its members to click ads.

With GlobAllShare relying on the same advertising based business model to generate revenue for their affiliates as Social Paycheck, I’m tipping we’re going to see history repeating itself.

Although not publicised on their website, GlobAllShare have set their launch date for the 31st of March, with affiliates unable to generate any further shares from the 17th of June.

Via a prominently displayed counter on their website, GlobAllShare currently claim to have 1,044,670 users signed up for the service.