On October 9th Charles Scoville has filed his reply to the SEC’s opposition brief.

That same day Scoville’s Traffic Monsoon Supreme Court writ was marked as distributed.

Whether the case will be heard by the Supreme Court is set to be decided via a scheduled November 1st conference.

Much like his original writ and the SEC’s opposition response, Scoville’s reply doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

It’s essentially the same “I should be able to scam non-US residents because nyer nyer!” argument.

This argument failed in a District Court and again in the Tenth Circuit.

Whether the Justices take up Scoville’s writ for hearing remains to be seen.

I’m not sure how far decisions lag behind Supreme Court case dockets but hopefully we’ll know on November 1st or shortly thereafter.


Update 5th November 2019 – On November 1st Charles Scoville’s SCOTUS writ was denied.