Three top Finiko promoters have been arrested in Kazan, Russia.

In local media coverage, Ilgiz Shakirov (right) is cited as a Finiko Vice President.

In BehindMLM’s May 2020 Finiko review, the affiliate rank Vice President didn’t exist. It appears to have been added as a higher rank sometime after.

Shakirov is cited as sitting atop a Finiko downline of over a hundred thousand affiliates.

In addition to being a top Finiko promoter, Shakirov (right) is also cited as founder Kirill Doronin’s personal assistant.

The Vakhitovsky District Court of Kazan ordered Shakirov’s arrest earlier this week. Shakirov has been apprehended and will be held in custody till September 28th.

Two other top Finiko promoters were also arrested and presented before the Vakhitovsky District Court.

Dina Gabdullina and Lilia Nurieva were respectively a Finiko Vice President nad 10 Star.

10 Star was the highest rank available for Finiko affiliates in May 2020.

Nureyeva admitted during interrogation that she disseminated information about Finiko through the social network Instagram, as she herself “believed in the economic model of this company,” reports Novaya Gazeta.

The woman also said that she sold property to participate in the pyramid.

Kirill Doronin has been remanded to custody till sometime towards the end of this month. He is facing ten years in prison.

Finiko co-founders Edward Sabirov, Marat Sabirov and Zygmunt Zygmuntovich remain wanted by police.