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Did Disrupt offer unregistered shares to founder affiliates?

What would cause a top-affiliate in an MLM company to start selling shares to their downline? If you’re Daryl Kingston Djuan, it’s because you believed you had a verbal agreement from the company to do so.

Disrupt Review: WakeUpNow 2.0 with shares?

Disrupt first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar back in late April. With the dust barely settled on WakeUpNow’s collapse not even three months earlier, we were somewhat surprised to learn of plans to launch a new opportunity. Since then, more information has come to light about the Disrupt opportunity and so today we take a [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow to reboot as Disrupt?

WakeUpNow launched in 2009 and over its six years of operation failed to generate a significant amount of retail sales. Combining an eclectic mish-mash of third-party products and services, the reality of WakeUpNow was that you signed up as an affiliate, paid a monthly fee and were then paid to recruit others who did the [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow formally terminate US MLM operations

The manner in which WakeUpNow’s demise in the US has been handled has been nothing short of spectacularly incompetent. We first got a whiff something was up when top affiliates in the company began uploading YouTube videos and issuing statements about the company closing. That was on the 10th of February. Prior to those announcements [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow file $70 million lawsuit against Kirby Cochran

When reports surfaced last week of Wake Up Now having gone bankrupt, one of the first things I did was check to see if anything official had been filed in court. A search of Pacer turned up nothing, so I left it at that. That WakeUpNow are effectively bankrupt remains in question, with the company [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow to file for bankruptcy? Done in the US?

Chatter on the grapevine this morning is that WakeUpNow are looking to file for bankruptcy. I haven’t confirmed this yet myself, but a significant number of affiliates in other opportunities have been observed making the claim in recent promotional videos targeting WakeUpNow affiliates. I did check Pacer for any bankruptcy filings but at the time [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow recovery in second half of 2014?

When we last visited WakeUpNow’s financials, it was revealed that the company had blown through almost $8 million dollars over two years. Numbers wise WakeUpNow looked to be in dire straits and unless things picked up in 2014, the future wasn’t looking all that bright. About a week ago WakeUpNow published a consolidated quarterly report for the [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow fail to address retail elephant in the room

Retail sales are the lifeblood of any MLM company. Without a steady flow of revenue from people outside of the opportunity purchasing your products, you’re only putting off an inevitable collapse. A complete lack of retail sales saw WakeUpNow rack up $3.3 million dollars in losses for 2012. This trend continued and in 2013 the [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow blow through almost $8 million in two years

Despite the retail offering of third-party products and services, WakeUpNow had to force affiliates to focus on retail sales by introducing mandatory retail subscription quotas late last year. This was done due to the evident complete lack of retail focus within the company. As per WakeUpNow’s July 2013 Income Disclosure Statement, 80% of the company’s affiliates failed [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow to enforce mandatory retail sales quota

It’s no secret that I’m a staunch supporter of retail activity within the MLM industry. Indeed, if one were to look at the reviews I write here on BehindMLM it’s easy to see that the presence or lack thereof of retail activity is one of the strongest focal points of any MLM company review I [Continue reading…]