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WakeUpNow Review: Simple idea, complex comp plan

WakeUpNow was founded in 2009 by Troy Muhlestein who I believe serves as Company Director with WakeUpNow operating out of the state of Utah in the United States. Muhlestein claims that he founded WakeUpNow following “a corporate merger” that left him “looking in from the outside”. According to ‘Business Week’, this company was ‘Longview Fibre, a [Continue reading…]

Blog Network Review: That Free Thing trys blogs…

Initially launching on the premise of giving free stuff offers away and charging a monthly membership fee, That Free Thing quickly learnt that once you ran out of new members to recruit, people start to leave in droves. As such, four months after launching That Free Thing lost 25% of their members… which I suppose [Continue reading…]

That Free Thing loses 25% of members in 4 months

One of the big questions that has loomed over the viability of That Free Things business model has always been whether or not the company provides enough value to keep its members shelling out $9.95 a month. Due to the nature of the offers being ‘free’, the different geo-locations of its members and the personal [Continue reading…]

That Free Thing tries coupons with Vendor Network

When I first reviewed That Free Thing back in April, it was immediately apparent to me that without an actual product of its own, That Free Thing members were simply selling membership to the service. As a result of this, it was the business itself being sold and as the That Free Thing compensation plan [Continue reading…]

Freebie Force failed, is That Free Thing different?

Back in 2007, Seth Fraser (photo above) launched the company Freebie Force. The concept of Freebie Force was simple, pay a monthly fee, get access to free stuff and receive a commission for each new person you recruited to the business. Three years later there wasn’t anyone left to sign up to Freebie Force and [Continue reading…]

That Free Thing Review – Free stuff as a product line?

Getting free stuff has always been an attractive prospect in the marketing industry. Buy One, Get One Free! Purchase now for your FREE gift! Have a look at our offer and go into the draw for your FREE prize! They might sound cheesy but there’s a reason offers like the above are a staple in [Continue reading…]