Around the seventh or eighth appeal, the TelexFree legitimacy horse was bruised, bloodied and bashed to a pulp. Now after the twelfth appeal, the carcass has long since decomposed and all that’s left are some bones and entrails. And still TelexFree management rattle the debris and kick at the dirt.

Adamant that paying affiliates a guaranteed $20 a week ROI using new affiliate investor money isn’t a Ponzi scheme, TelexFree continued their crusade of appeals in the Brazilian courts with the filing of an appeal in the Superior Court.

After being denied their final interlocutory appeal in the Civil Court of Acre, the eleventh such appeal filed in relation to the business halting injunction issued against TelexFree back in June, Carlos Costa and his band of merry lawyers took their fight to the Superior Court by way of a new appeal.

…and you can probably guess how that turned out.

Having failed eleven times prior at convincing Brazil’s judges that TelexFree isn’t a blatant Ponzi scheme, this time around the company sought to obtain a restraining order against Acre’s Public Prosecutors.

The idea being I suppose that, if granted, the restraining order would cancel out the injunction against the company, given it was granted at the behest of Acre’s Public Prosecutors. The restraining order would also prohibit the PP from pressing forward with their criminal investigation into TelexFree.

That’s right folks, run a massive Ponzi scheme and when the authorities come knocking, simply take out a restraining order against them. I mean, who are they to rain down on your Ponzi parade?

TelexFree’s appeal was filed on the 21st of August (if my translation is correct) and heard and denied yesterday on Wednesday on the 28th.

Having suffered twelve defeats in court, one would think TelexFree might finally realise that they have a better chance of proving the sky isn’t blue over the company not being a Ponzi, however that doesn’t seem to be the case (no pun intended).


Determined not to flee Brazil to join Carlos Wanzeler and James Merril, fellow TelexFree co-owners who are currently hiding out in the US, Carlos Costa made the following announcement yesterday on TelexFree’s Facebook page:

Dear affiliates,

Please be advised that due to the decision of the Supreme Court today, a new appeal is being filed with appropriate adjustments.

It’s important to note that there was no judgement on the merit (of the company) yet, which is why we remain confident that when the company’s merit is effectively analysed in the Superior Courts, we will win.

For reasons unknown, Costa appears determined to ignore the twelve instances Acre’s Public Prosecutors have had TelexFree’s appeal denied, solely based on the merit of the company and its business model via presentation of evidence against the company being presented to the judges hearing the appeals.

Stay tuned for TelexFree’s thirteenth epic court failure, coming soon to a BehindMLM article near you.