Like most of you we weren’t really sure why a January 13th, 2021 date for distribution payments was set.

Turns out that was more of a deadline, following reports from multiple TelexFree victims of received payments.

Starting a few hours ago, TelexFree victims started to report having received emails confirming payment through PayPal.

In one YouTube video uploaded a few hours ago, a Brazilian TelexFree victim shares proof of a distribution payment from “TelexFree Liquidating Trustee”.

As above, the payment was made over PayPal on July 31st.

At this stage I can’t confirm whether payments across other mediums have been made (banks, other processors etc.).

For anyone who hasn’t received payment confirmation, double check you’ve provided accurate payment details in the claim portal.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.


Update 2nd August 2020 – Bank payments also appear to have gone out in the US. Haven’t received confirmation on international bank transfers.