telexfree-logoRemember that brief but weird “tell all” video phase Sann Rodrigues went through last month?

Turns out it might have all just been a preliminary marketing pitch for upcoming Rodrigues-branded products.

sann-rodrigues-top-telexfree-investorIn a court filing dated January 13th Rodrigues (right) claims that, prior to the SEC’s civil case against him, he was ‘the sole provider for his wife and two minor children‘.

Rodrigues goes on to state that he is currently unemployed and supporting ‘himself and his family by virtue of financial contributions provided to him by his friends and family members‘.

Mr. Rodrigues is not able to be gainfully employed or earn a living without violating the Preliminary Injunction as it prohibits him from opening up a bank account.

Looking to change his current financial circumstances, Rodrigues filing claims he’s ‘created several motivational and instructional videos as well as written a book.

Just one problem though… without a functioning bank account Rodrigues has no way of selling them.

So that Mr. Rodrigues may work and begin to earn money, he will need to open a new and separate bank account to deposit money earned from the sales of his videos and books. Money that is unrelated to TelexFree, Inc.

This new account would need to be exempt from the asset freeze so that Mr. Rodrigues may freely deposit and spend the money for living expenses and other household necessities deposited into the account.

Rodrigues also claims that some of the raised funds will be used ‘to pay the monthly installments under the proposed payment plan to the Securities and Exchange Commission‘.

To that end the SEC have assented to Rodrigues’ request.

But I have to say, the top investor in one of the largest MLM Ponzi schemes to date, who immediately began ripping people off in iFreeX after he was busted, and has since been arrested for visa fraud… is releasing “motivational and instructional videos” and a book?

What the hell?

What on Earth could Rodrigues possibly hope to motivate or instruct people to do?

“Hay guys, this is Sann Rodrigues here and today I’m going to teach you how to get busted for Ponzi and visa fraud.

Step by step I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to follow in my footsteps. And all for just $thesumtotalrodriguesowestheSEC.

What a steal! (no pun intended)”

And just who is buying these videos and book!? I know Rodrigues has a bit of a cult following in Portuguese speaking circles… but cmon, they still haven’t woken up yet?


Rodrigues’ motion stands before the court awaiting a decision. Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Rodrigues’ January 13th “Motion To Modify Preliminary Injunction Order And Asset Freeze”.


Update 20th January 2016 – On January 15th Judge Morton denied Rodrigues’ motion and simultaneously remanded him to the custody of US Marshals.