Earlier this year it emerged TelexFree scammer Sann Rodrigues fled Brazil with the aid of a lawyer and two former police officers.

Rodrigues remains at large, however the attorney and one of the police officers involved were arrested back in February.

The pair were released a day later and have been out on bail since.

On Wednesday July 1st the Superior Court of Justice revoked bail.

In addition to re-securing custody of Rodrigues’ accomplices, Brazilian authorities have announced the second phase of “Operation Boldness”.

The second phase of the investigation saw the execution of

five search and seizure warrants and one preventative arrest warrant, in the cities of Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

Phase one of the investigation saw authorities seize roughly $340,000 in cryptocurrency assets.

While all of this is going on in Brazil, Rodrigues is believed to be hiding out in Portugal.

When we last checked in Rodrigues was still promoting scams on social media. His last known gig was Clube365, a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

Rodrigues last YouTube video upload was on April 13th.

The Gazette reached out to Rodrigues’ Brazilian attorney, who stated

he was unaware of what had happened and had nothing more to say about the case.

Pending any updates in Operation Boldness, stay tuned…