telexfree-logoIt was always a bit ridiculous that the owner of a billion dollar Ponzi scheme fancied himself a viable candidate for Federal Deputy… but it was one we had to watch play out nonetheless.

Widely seen as an attempt (miscalculated or otherwise) to dodge legal responsibility for his role in TelexFree, over the last few months Carlos Costa has been campaigning for a seat in Brazilian government.

The position of Federal Deputy Costa ran for would have seen him elected into the Brazilian senate:

The National Congress is made up of the Chamber of Deputies and of a Federal Senate, and both Houses have fixed terms and cannot be dissolved earlier.

Under Brazil’s present Constitution, adopted in 1988, Senators are elected to eight-year terms, and Deputies are elected every four years.

Parliamentary immunity in Brazil doesn’t cover crimes committed prior to election, but the prosecution of a Federal Deputy does bring with it complications over prosecuting Costa as a regular citizen.

In any event, Costa ran on the promise of legalizing MLM in Brazil, despite it already being legal. He couldn’t come out and say he wanted to legalize Ponzi schemes, but that was the unspoken undercurrent behind his campaign promises.

The elections ran yesterday (Sunday) in Brazil, with Costa running in the electorate of Espírito Santo.

With polling booths now closed and the votes tallied up, what sayeth the citizens of Brazil?

There were a total of 1.7 million valid votes cast for Federal Deputies in the electorate, with Carlos Costa managing to score only 11,635 (0.65%).

This placed Costa well out of the top 10 positions that were elected into the Senate, with Costa placing thirty-first in the final results.

For a bit of perspective the top position was won by Sergio Vigidal, who had 161,744 votes cast for him (9.01%).

Also running for Federal Deputy was Aerci Arreal Olm, otherwise known as the teary TelexFree affiliate who staged a 42 hour hunger strike until someone from government would meet with him.

In a message published on Facebook Olm conceded defeat:

Dear friends …

I confess that I was a long time in front of the computer without knowing what to write, but anyway, I need to say something.

I want to thank the 4,465 people who have placed their vote of confidence in my name on the ballot and I should like to take this opportunity and here I appreciate …

In a universe of 200 thousand CPFs registered company that “brought us together”, (I did) not receive 5 thousand votes. I can’t deny it hurt and hurt deeply.

I thank those that have committed, I thank those who voted, I thank those who have donated and donated for this cause.

I want to say that since this whole thing started, I made him kneel on the floor and now the return of the cult, yield thanks to my God for he has been faithful, even though I don’t understand … Accepted and tomorrow at the crack of dawn again pour me in his presence.

With respect to all that, I quote the words of the Apostle Paul: as for me, I fought the good fight, I have completed the career and to perseverance in the faith!
2 Timothy 4-7.

I rest here this all, I apologize for my network does not support the idea of more still on it, I’m turning this page. Pardon my family and people close to my socializing that so often exposed and ridiculed for my thirst of what is fair and right.

I’m sorry, those who made fun of my stance and ideals, enjoy, I am at the world’s optical a loser who now is cause for laughter in so many wheels, but by the heavenly perspective, I’m more than winner.

That God bless all of you and tomorrow is another day and I intend to live it as such.

Sincerely Aerci Arreal Olm.

As the time of publication, Costa’s Federal Deputy Facebook profile hasn’t had an update since photos were posted of Costa casting his vote earlier in the day.

The big question is “what now?” for Costa.

Facing a criminal investigation for his involvement in the running of TelexFree’s Brazilian operations, the smoke and mirror distraction of the election now out of the way and the TelexFree audit report due in mid-October, what will Costa’s next move be?

Stay tuned…