ShareNode and Nasgo affiliates have received an email from iDecide Interactive, a marketing services merchant provider.

The email states ShareNode and Nasgo haven’t paid them, and so they’re cutting the companies off.

iDecide Interactive is an online presentation platform. ShareNode and Nasgo provided a white-label service to their affiliates.

In an email sent out to ShareNode and Nasgo affiliates on June 15th, iDecide Interactive advised;

Effective immediately, the relationship between Sharenode/Nasgo and iDecide Interactive is being suspended due to non-payment.

Unfortunately, this means that your iDecide account and all presentations previously created will be disabled.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, as we have tried our best to avoid this scenario.

Within hours of iDecide Interactive’s announcement, ShareNode sent out a response email;

In the early phases of ShareNode, we used a system called iDecide Interactive to communicate about our company. But in recent months we have seen usage decline dramatically to fewer than 100 users.

Going forward we will be using a simplified signup process that involves ShareNode as the primary means of introducing and communicating our business to the public.

The email doesn’t state why ShareNode and Nasgo didn’t wind down their use of iDecide’s service, as opposed to just stopping payment.

The obvious reason is an ongoing decline in interest in both companies, as recorded in their respective Alexa website traffic graphs.

Interest in Nasgo is non-existent outside of ShareNode, through which Nasgo commits securities fraud.

The initial fallout of a lack of new investment saw ShareNode suspend NSG token withdrawals last month.

Now the companies are unable to pay their vendors, leaving affiliate investors inevitably wondering who’s next.