In a recent email sent out to affiliates, ShareNode has admitted there is no external demand for Nasgo.

The company also announced it was suspending NSG withdrawals until at least Q3 2019.

For all intents and purposes Nasgo was dead in the water, until the company’s owners launched ShareNode.

ShareNode sees affiliates invest in NSG and SNP tokens. It’s your typical invest, wait for others to invest and then cash out MLM crypto scam.

Despite efforts to resuscitate Nasgo’s failed VAPR and AMICO usability attempts after ShareNode launched, the fraudulent investment scheme has remained the sole reason people are investing in Nasgo.

The bad news for affiliate investors is ShareNode is on the decline.

This leaves even the staunchest of believers with no option but to sell, as NSG’s public and SNP’s internal values inevitably dump to $0.

In an effort to manipulate NSG and SNP values, on May 3rd ShareNode announced

NSG’s will no longer be transferred to any personal wallets until at least Q3 of 2019.

The stated reason for the effective withdrawal suspension is to avoid “one-sided sell-offs”.

By that ShareNode refers to the selling off of NSG without new ShareNode investors picking up the slack.

Ironically the same announcement hails a new usability example from Cambodia, some dodgy online casino nobody has ever heard of.

With the imminent launch of the ShareNode Ecosystem, more SME’s will be placed on the blockchain than potentially all other blockchains combined.

One example is the Damosaun Casino using only NSG’s [sic] to drive the casino, utilization will be soon and rampant.

So soon and rampant that ShareNode and Nasgo feel the need to manipulate their investors from selling off.

Despite being in decline and suspending withdrawals, ShareNode claims it is ‘coming along fast and furious‘.

In what is probably a last-ditch attempt to attract new investors to the scheme, the company also announced several tweaks to its compensation plan.

Most of the tweaks appear to be geared toward weaning ShareNode affiliates off of NSG and onto SNP.

SNP is a non-publicly tradeable Ponzi points token ShareNode retains entire control over.

Much easier to cook the books when your investors can’t sell off through the one dodgy exchange you convinced to list your shit token.