The Shared989 “click a button” app Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

At time of publication Shared989’s website is offline.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, Shared989 collapsed sometime in the past few days.

It was another “click a button” app Ponzi, which I hadn’t got around to reviewing yet.

Shared989 Affiliates invested tether (USDT) across five VIP tiers:

  • VIP0 – sign up and receive 3 USDT a day, capped at 20 USDT
  • VIP1 – invest 100 USDT and receive 3.6 USDT a day, capped at 108 USDT a month
  • VIP2 – invest 300 USDT and receive  11.2 USDT a day, capped at 336 USDT a month
  • VIP3 – invest 600 USDT and receive 23.8 USDT a day, capped at 714 USDT a month
  • VIP4 – invest 1000 USDT and receive 41.8 USDT a day, capped at 1254 USDT a month
  • VIP5 – invest 3000 USDT and receive 132 USDT a day, capped at 3960 USDT a month

To qualify for returns, Shared989 affiliates had to a click a button each day. The more an affiliate invests, the more times they had to click a button each day.

Shared989 represented clicking a button generated a YouTube like:

The Ponzi ruse being this magically converted into external revenue to pay returns with.

Obviously that was baloney. All Shared989 was doing was recycling invested funds.

The MLM side of Shared989 paid commissions on investment, via a unilevel compensation structure:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 15%
  • level 2 – 5%

Investment was required to earn MLM commissions. VIP0 tier affiliates didn’t qualify.

SimilarWeb estimates the majority of traffic to Shared989’s website originated out of Iran (35%), Sweden (29%), Iraq (21%) and the Netherlands (6%).

It appears Shared989’s admins exit-scammed at the peak of investor recruitment:

Shared989 is part of a group of “click a button” app Ponzis launched over the past few months.

Thus far BehindMLM has documented:

  • COTP – pretended affiliates clicking a button generated trading activity, collapsed May 2022
  • EthTRX is a similar app-based Ponzi, with the daily task component disabled
  • Yu Klik – pretends clicking a button generates trading activity, targeting Indonesia
  • KKBT – pretended clicking a button generates crypto mining revenue, targeted South Africa and India & collapsed early June 2022
  • EasyTask 888 – pretends clicking a button was tied to social media manipulation (YouTube likes etc.), targets Colombia
  • DF Finance – pretended clicking a button generated “purchase data” which was sold to ecommerce platforms, collapsed June 2022

There are more of these scams around that I haven’t got to yet.

All the recent app-based task Ponzis appear to be launched by the same group of scammers.

Based on the use of simplified Chinese, I suspect the group are operating out of China or Singapore.