KKBT has collapsed.

The Ponzi scheme is the latest exit-scam from a series of app-based Ponzis, all believed to originate out of Asia.

I didn’t get around to reviewing KKBT but from what I’ve seen it was another “click a button” task Ponzi scheme.

KKBT was run off two website domains, each targeting a different country.

South Africa was targeted through the domain “kkbt-za.com”, privately registered on January 12th, 2022.

India was targeted through the domain (“kkbt.in”), also privately registered on January 12th.

Both websites were attached to apps, each tailored to the its country’s currency and language. Note that the Indian version of KKBT doesn’t appear to have gained any traction.

The “click a button” ruse behind KKBT was cryptocurrency mining. Clicking a button each day per investment was represented to generate mining revenue.

That was of course baloney, with KKBT collapsing via “website down” exit-scam a few day ago.

Over the past few months we’ve seen a number of “click a button” task app-based Ponzis pop up.

Tell-tale signs of these clone apps I’ve noted are:

  • name is usually random letters strung together, sometimes with numbers on the end
  • started off general, now appear to be localized to certain regions based on payment processors and language
  • earlier iterations were fronted by locals, now tends to just be a login form website;
  • all feature “VIP” investment plans
  • investors usually have to click a button daily to qualify for returns (not always)
  • same back-end app with boxy buttons
  • solicits investment in cryptocurrency, sometimes with a localized payment processor option

This list isn’t definitive and is subject to change as awareness catches up to the scammers.

Examples of “click a button” app-based Ponzis I’ve noted here on BehindMLM include:

  • COTP – pretended affiliates clicking a button generated trading activity, collapsed May 2022
  • DF Finance pretends clicking a button generates commissionable sales
  • EthTRX is a similar app-based Ponzi, with the daily task component disabled
  • Yu Klik – pretends clicking a button generates trading activity, targeting Indonesia
  • EasyTask 888 – has users like YouTube videos and pretends that generates profits, targeting Colombia

The “click a button” app Ponzis are all coming out of Asia. I’m not sure how they’re finding locals to front and set up the various localized Ponzi schemes though.

There are more of these scams out there. I know I have a few more on my review list that I’m working through. Will update as they come up.