The DF Finance “click a button” app Ponzi has collapsed.

Affiliates have reported withdrawal problems starting May 28th, the same day DF Finance was reviewed on BehindMLM.

Following the disabling of withdrawals, DF Finance announced they’d be making server upgrades. Those were supposed to finish today.

Instead, DF Finance disabled its website SSL certificate and pulled the site offline.

DF Finance is part of a series of “click a button” app Ponzis doing the rounds.

Thus far BehindMLM has documented:

  • COTP – pretended affiliates clicking a button generated trading activity, collapsed May 2022
  • EthTRX is a similar app-based Ponzi, with the daily task component disabled
  • Yu Klik – pretends clicking a button generates trading activity, targeting Indonesia
  • KKBT – pretended clicking a button generates crypto mining revenue, targeted South Africa and India & collapsed early June 2022
  • EasyTask 888 – pretends clicking a button was tied to social media manipulation (YouTube likes etc.), targets Colombia

There are more of these scams around that I haven’t got to yet.

All the recent app-based task Ponzis appear to be launched by the same group of scammers.

Based on the use of simplified Chinese, I suspect the group are operating out of China or Singapore.