onecoin-logoModeled on the Zeek Rewards Ponzi points business model, OneCoin are currently doing everything they can to divert attention away from the inner workings of their compensation plan.

Of late these efforts have focused on spammy press-releases and what appears to be paid advertorials in other MLM blogs that inhabit our niche.

One particular distraction being pushed is the purported appearance of OneCoin co-founder Ruja Ignatova gracing the cover of an upcoming edition of Forbes magazine.

When one of our readers decided to take a closer look into the matter, they found out that not all is as it seems.

To give you an idea of how Ignatova’s appearance on the cover is being pushed, we need look no further than the official OneCoin Facebook page (published May 4th):


A followup message published a day later:

Dear Members,

Due to the huge interest in the interview Dr. Ruja Ignatova gave for the May issue of Forbes, we have contacted the magazine and expect to receive a link to an English version as soon as possible. We will post it here, on Facebook, in due time.

The OneCoin Team

Bear in mind this coming direct from OneCoin corporate, with the same content featuring on the OneCoin website itself:


In her interview for the May issue of the prestigious magazine Forbes, our founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova introduces OneCoin and discusses the potential of cryptocurrency with regards to security, innovation and profitability.

By focusing on the value OneCoin brings to its members, Dr. Ruja Ignatova presents OneAcademy, OnePay, OneFoundation and Aurum Gold Coin that further establish OneCoin as the most successful financial instrument at present.

Naturally the idea is that OneCoin investors use this as marketing fodder, and spam the internet with the news they have.

After being handed a copy of the Ignatova Forbes cover, BehindMLM reader Jodi Dojnia took it upon themselves to investigate why the co-owner of a global Ponzi scheme would appear on the cover of Forbes, much the less to be interviewed about her Ponzi empire.

Here’s what happened when Dojnia called Forbes up:

I called Forbes and was told that there has only been 3 woman featured on the international Forbes covers.

I then specified that I was inquiring about the May 2015 Bulgarian cover. And the Onecoin owner Ruja Ignatova.

The woman at Forbes insisted that she was not on the cover. She then asked me to email the cover so they could verify if it was infact real.

Following an email being sent with the cover in question attached, the email was forwarded to Andrea Sole, who works at Forbes Fullfillment department in New York.

Thanks very much for bringing this to my attention.

We’re aware of this, but can you please let the customer know this person did not appear on the cover of Forbes Bulgaria? This was part of an ad campaign.

Sole’s email response above was forwarded on to our BehindMLM reader with the additional message:

We apologize for any confusion. The below cover was apart of an ad campaign. This was not an actually issue of Forbes Magazine.

So there you have it. What is being hyped up as legitimacy through the press is nothing more than OneCoin using investor funds to buy some advertorial publicity.

Neither on the OneCoin website or on their related Facebook posts does the company inform readers that the content in question nothing more than paid-for advertising.

Also not disclosed is the dollar amount in investor funds Ruja Ignatova squandered to get her face on the cover of a Forbes magazine advertising mockup.

My advice to anyone who is presented with a copy of Ignatova’s Forbes cover along with any suggestion that it implies legitimacy? Ignore it and instead ask about OneCoin’s compensation plan.

Specifically where the thousands of dollars an affiliate invests goes, and from where your own eventual withdrawals are expected to be funded out of.

The answers to those two questions should provide you everything you need to know about the OneCoin MLM business opportunity.