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Still no VPL mask sales, FTC questions contract discussions

About a month ago this was the status of VPL Medical’s mask sales: As of February 24, 2021, no new sales contracts have been executed. As per a joint status report filed on March 26th, here’s the latest: As of March 24, 2021, no sales contracts have been executed. Oh my.

VPL draining the Redwood Receivership

With the future of VPL Medical hanging in the balance, on January 25th CEO Jason Cardiff told the Court that VPL “is currently talking to HHS and other federal and state agencies and believes that it is very close to landing some major contracts….” As revealed in a joint operating report filed one month later [Continue reading…]

Receiver accuses Jason Cardiff of inappropriate conduct

In an ex-parte motion requesting instruction from the court, the Redwood Receiver has accused Jason Cardiff of inappropriate conduct. The inappropriate conduct pertains to the Receiver believing that Cardiff and VPL Medical are ‘seeking to use their fee application positions to incentivize the Receiver to act improperly for their benefit.’

Jason Cardiff granted $4300 of requested $42,596 a month

Jason Cardiff’s request for $42,596 a month to cover his family’s expenses has been reduced to $4300 a month. Of the $4300 granted, $2500 covers child support leaving $1800 for “groceries and daily necessities”.

Cardiffs continue to conceal assets, alleges FTC

The FTC has opposed the Cardiffs’ latest attempt to access frozen funds, alleging the couple are still actively concealing assets in contempt of court.

VPL’s viability grossly overstated, 4 weeks behind schedule

Despite being found to be in contempt, last month Jason Cardiff dodged incarceration based on representations that VPL Medical was a viable business. In a nutshell, the court ruled that Cardiff being put to work for VPL was of more benefit to the FTC than incarceration. As part of that arrangement, the court-appointed Redwood Receiver [Continue reading…]

Jason Cardiff dodges prison, fails to stay Redwood case

Jason Cardiff has once again been called out as a lawyer in a California District Court. Unfortunately although being found in contempt, Cardiff has managed to dodge prison time.

FTC files for summary judgment against Cardiffs

The FTC has moved for summary judgment against all counts filed against Jason and Eunjung Cardiff. Default judgment has also been sought against their company Redwood Scientific Technologies.

Jason Cardiff incarcerated if Aug 31st deadline not met

Even before their July 24th contempt hearing, the Cardiffs continued to serve up fresh delicious popcorn. On the eve of their contempt hearing, Defendants Jason and Eunjung Cardiff filed nearly 1000 pages of unsolicited, unexplained exhibits, without leave of court. What is more, they failed to comply with sealing procedures under the Local Rules for [Continue reading…]

Jason Cardiff furious over losing VPL Medical

Two days after assuming control of VPL Medical, the Redwood Receiver shut it down. Jason Cardiff was furious, prompting a twenty-eight page rage filing demanding removal of the Receiver. Spoiler alert: Cardiff was denied.