Within hours of BehindMLM confirming a US criminal investigation, PGI Global has collapsed.

As part of the exit-scam, PGI Global’s newly appointed CEO and Senior Vice President have also called it quits.

In a message circulated to PGI Global affiliate investors, CEO Helen Louise Graham and SVP Claire Wilkinson wrote;

Dear Members,

With immediate effect PGI is no more. Just typing those words in an experience that we never, ever thought we would have to do, but we do so at the beginning of this message, rather than at the end, because you deserve the truth at the very earliest opportunity.

We wish more than anything we could give you the truth behind why that is, the truth is that whilst we have formed our own assumptions, we can only share with you what we do know and what we have been told and allow you to form your own conclusions.

If I can interject here, the simple “truth” is that PGI Global was a Ponzi scheme.

It collapsed, and now there’s a US criminal investigation into the company and its executives.

No need for assumptions, that’s what happened.

Throughout our time with PGI, we have wholeheartedly believed what we’ve been told by RV Palafox or Mark Davis as to the cause of the problems and believed everything possible was being done to make things right.

When the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President (of) Operations were accepted by us, they were roles that made up nervous as to what we were taking on and question what control or decision-making ability we would actually have, but ones where we felt it was only right that we tried on behalf of our members to put things right.

If I can interject again; math is math. There is no “putting a Ponzi scheme right” unless more victims are found to pay back those that have already been scammed.

That of course creates a larger problem, which ultimately leads to every Ponzi scheme collapsing.

As part of those negotiations, we requested all members receive one outstanding withdrawal payment before we publicly took the role on 1st September.

We were advised and told that it was not possible for a withdrawal payment to be made by 1st September, however a payment schedule of the 15th October for the 28th June withdrawal would be 100% fulfilled.

We do have written communication in relation to confirmation of this and can therefore back this up with evidence.

Despite a confidential Zoom recording between RV and Mark being sent to us in which, amongst many other things, it was discussed that the role of CEO was only being offered “because Helen could be controlled”, despite our better judgement we accepted the roles of CEO & SVPO in the hope of proving ourselves with results.

Money. Graham and Wilkinson signed on as executives because money.

No need to pretend this was a salvage operation. But as they continue to set up their exit-scam sob story, that’s what Graham and Wilkinson run with.

Up until Friday 8th October, the agreement was unequivocal that payments would be by 15th October, for everyone for the 28th June withdrawal.

It was only on a Zoom on that date with 3 founder members that one of the corporate team stated that payments would be on 15th October, which turned into from 15th October.

We pushed for clarification that on the 15th still meant by the 15th as per our agreement of the last 5 weeks and were told to “relax it isn’t the 15th yet” and that “obligation would be fulfilled”.

Whilst beginning to feel nervous, we felt we had to give RV the chance to deliver on the 15th.

However, we made it perfectly clear that if by the 16th the promise wasn’t fulfilled we would be stepping down from our roles.

And here it comes…

We were astounded by the issues that members started to experience last night when accessing the website.

Plus, the fact that some members in the same country were able and still are able to access the website and others are not.

We find this in our opinion, not in keeping with official government seizure of a website, although we may be mistaken.

From yesterday’s article readers would already know I’ve looked into it and confirmed the seizure is real.

Until there’s an official announcement from the DOJ however, I too could be mistaken.

I am 99.9% confident though or I wouldn’t have published. Based on the information that’s currently publicly available, the seizure is real.

Furthermore, Graham and Wilkinson are in contact with RV Palafox. If it was an inside job they wouldn’t be writing about it.

Whilst we have been made aware of authorities starting investigations into the company, we personally find the timing to be of significant coincidence.

That said, at this time we have no evidence to support the suggestion that the website seizure is not genuine.

We do as alrady said, find the timing suspicious and therefore if you, our members, are able to shed more light on this in any way we would be grateful to receive the information.

What comes next is new information. Keep in mind that all of it however is unverified.

We can’t verify any of this based on what is publicly known.

I am only publishing it because it’s coming from PGI Global’s CEO. I believe there should be a record to cross-check against in the future.

We have been told that RV’s assets have been frozen, his passport seized, properties searched and that through RV’s actions and his withholding of funds there will be no payments tomorrow, nor any subsequent payments and that PGI has come to an end.

We have many messages and concrete information that we will make available to any authority and support any legal action to recover assets from RV and ultimately ensure he is made to be accountable for his actions.

Whilst we know that this has significant implications for our members and emotions are high, we will not tolerate any unacceptable inappropriate or threatening behaviour and will report any such actions to the police, immigrations [sic] and relevant authorities around the world.

Our intentions and goals have been wholly focused on getting our members what they are owed and we are incredibly saddened that we weren’t successful.

We are sure more information will “come out” over the actions of RV in the coming days, weeks and months.

Once again, we are so incredibly sorry to be breaking this news to you all, but you are owed the truth.

If you have any additional information that assists us in taking this matter further with the relevant authorities, then please let us know.

Thinking of all our members at this time,

Helen and Claire

What completely undermines the sentiment Graham and Wilkinson present is that both are PGI Global net-winners.

Graham was a top earner in the original Ponzi scheme. I believe Wilkinson was in her downline.

These aren’t outsiders who were caught up in Palafox’s Ponzi scheming. They stole money from PGI Global investors, and then, for even more money, took on executive roles.

They know what they did. And on the legal side of things, promoting unregistered securities is still illegal.

Pending further information from US authorities (or any other source I can verify), here’s where we’re at:

Ramil Ventura Palafox (founder/CEO of PGI Global)

The website seizure is a strong indication Palafox has been indicted on criminal charges.

Palafox disappeared earlier this year when PGI Global first collapsed.

News of a criminal case against him raises his status from a scammer on the run to a fugitive on the run.

Palafox has ties to Dubai but may have fled to some other hidey-hole.

Based on Graham’s and Wilkinson’s statement above, Palafox could be in custody but I have been unable to verify.

Palafox holds dual US and Philippine citizenship. He is unlikely to have fled to the Philippines.

Mark Davis (Vice President & COO of PGI Global)

Mark Davis (right) disappeared earlier this year when PGI Global collapsed.

He is an Australian citizen and, prior to his disappearance, is believed to have been residing in Queensland, Australia.

May have ties to the Philippines but unconfirmed.

Was thought to have gone into hiding but Graham’s and Wilkinson’s statement above has Davis still involved in PGI Global’s operations.

Davis’ current status and whether he’s wanted by US authorities is unknown.

Helen Louise Graham (new CEO of PGI Global)

Helen Louise Graham was a top recruiter and earner in the original PGI Global Ponzi scheme.

After PGI Global collapsed Graham signed on as its new CEO.

Upon learning of a US criminal investigation into PGI Global, Graham is distancing herself from her status within PGI Global. She is also watering down her ties to RV Palafox.

Graham is based out of the UK. She is unlikely to flee due to family ties there.

Claire Wilkinson (new Senior Vice President of Operations for PGI Global)

Worked as Graham’s secretary (read: was in her downline) prior to signing on a SVPO for the PGI Global reboot.

Wilkinson is believed to be a UK resident and citizen.

Folasade Ekeigwe-Bakare (Executive Assistant in PGI Global reboot)

Prior to PGI Global’s reboot Folasade Ekeigwe-Bakare was a “Corporate Presenter and Trainer” within PGI Global.

Ekeigwe-Bakare has ties to Nigeria and the UK. She is believed to be a PGI Global net-winner.

Sarah Deloraya (owner of PGI Global original website domain)

Sarah P. Deloraya (right) is the listed owner of PGI Global’s original website domain.

The domain was disabled in June 2021. Whether US authorities were involved is unclear.

Deloraya runs SPD Jobs and SPD Group. Through these companies Deloraya is believe to have provided admin assistance to PGI Global and Palafox.

On Facebook Deloraya cites herself as President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Quezon City.

Deloraya is a Philippine citizen based out of the Philippines. She was still active on Facebook as of October 10th.

Whether Deloraya was involved in PGI Global beyond providing admin support is unclear.