One of the more endearing mysteries surrounding OneCoin is fate of its two short-lived CEOs; Pierre Arens and Pablo Munoz.

With input from a OneCoin insider, today we go behind the scenes to shed light on their abrupt departures.

Both Pablo Munoz and Pierre Arens were “outside recruits”.

They were figureheads recruited from legitimate companies with established reputations.

They were there to make the thing look legitimate.

Pablo Munoz was appointed OneCoin’s CEO in late 2016.

Munoz once held an executive position at Avon and… well, that’s really all anyone seemed to know about him professionally.

Munoz, a US citizen, operated out of Florida and apparently

is one of the most unpleasant people you could ever meet.  He insisted on flying First Class everywhere.

Beyond appearing in a few marketing videos targeting South America, publicly Munoz didn’t do much for OneCoin.

Apart from the whole “being associated with a Ponzi scheme” reputation killer, it was a good deal for Munoz.

Munoz’s OneCoin CEO stint reportedly saw him sign a €2.5 million EUR a year contract.

On May 7th, 2017, OneCoin held a marketing event in Macau.

Munoz was supposed to speak at the event but failed to show up.

In the lead up to the Macau event, The Gerlach Report claimed Chinese authorities were looking to make arrests at the event.

This was later proven to be a fabrication on The Gerlach Report’s behalf.

At the time though Pablo Munoz was none the wise, and purportedly terrified by the possibility of his arrest.

It spooked Munoz to such an extent, and I am not making this up, he faked having had a traffic accident with a cement truck on the way to the airport in Florida!

He claimed he couldn’t walk, etc.

The photo he sent of the “accident” was quickly found on Google Images where he lifted it.

Munoz failing to show at the Macau event signaled the end of his tenure at OneCoin.

As far as I know Munoz was paid out for the rest of 2.5 million EUR contract. After which he ‘was allowed to fade away‘ quietly.

OneCoin never publicly addressed what happened to Munoz.

I think he knew everything looking back. And he’s a US citizen and resident.

At the Macau event Munoz was supposed to attend, Pierre “Pitt” Arens was named OneCoin’s new CEO.

Arens, a banker from Luxembourg nobody’d heard of, also didn’t have much of an impact at OneCoin.

Both Arens and Munoz realized very early on that Ruja was impossible to work for. They also both clashed with Irina (Dilkinska).

Both were surprised that they couldn’t get anything answered.

Again, beyond appearing in a few OneCoin marketing videos, Arens didn’t appear to do much for OneCoin publicly.

Arens was clueless.  He delegated everything.

Irina eventually refused to speak to him.  He’d appear on videos and at events and have his picture taken and that was about it.

He has quite a superiority complex.  I thought he seemed to resent being this successful Luxembourg banker and having to report to Bulgarians.

He’d do things like tell random members of the office to make him a coffee or fetch him a sandwich.

He started asking questions and quickly became unpopular with Ruja.

A few months into his appointment, Arens was purportedly on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Pitt’s paranoia was over the top.

He’d complain that the authorities are onto him because it was taking longer to have his passport checked, he though he heard people in his garden at night, etc.

Eventually just before Ruja went missing, Arens had what I think was a panic attack at an airport.  Some claim it was a heart attack.

(removed) apparently claims that Arens and (Muhammad) Zafar got into a physical altercation just before that. I can’t confirm that.

Like Munoz, Arens was initially on a €2 million EUR annual salary.

Before he quit in October 2017, Arens reportedly demanded

his annual salary … be more than doubled, because of the stress, risk and reputational damage.

(When) he left (he) refused to return his $120 mobile phone and sulked that the company ‘owed him money’ when he got a call to return the phone, and the $ 100 laptop with the cheapest laptop cover they could find at Argos.

OneCoin of course didn’t announce Arens’ departure. Instead it was revealed through an interview by local media in Luxembourg.

HQ also has a culture of “you don’t say anything”.

When a person is gone, it’s like they never existed.  It’s as if all of the senior leaders have left never were there.

Pablo and Pitt are long forgotten.  Nobody discusses Ruja either, and definitely not Momchil (Nikov) nor Irina.

All up Arens was OneCoin’s CEO for about five months. Whether he received his full €2.5 million EUR contracted salary is unclear.

A year later (Arens) sent a lawyer’s letter of demand to HQ.

Nobody was going to take it seriously.

Since leaving OneCoin, neither Munoz of Arens have made public appearances in any professional capacity.

Presumably out there somewhere enjoying their millions, both men have dropped off the face of the Earth.