When Ruja Ignatova disappeared in late 2017, her brother Konstantin Ignatov took over as CEO of OneCoin.

When Konstantin was arrested in March 2019, Veselina Valkova stepped up to run OneCoin.

In an attempt to downplay Ignatov’s arrest, one of Valkova’s first orders of business was to announce OneCoin’s

legal team is currently working with USA lawyers in order to clear out the situation.

That was of course baloney.

Over the next few months Valkova would drive recruitment into OneCoin through various announcements; an exchange, OneCoin working with a “central bank” and European authorities and so on.

Those announcements too were baloney.

By mid to late 2019 Valkova realized OneCoin was dead in the water, prompting her departure.

A few months later Valkova resurfaced with Circle of Finance (aka Invicta), a short-lived INV token OneCoin clone.

Now, two years later, Valkova is looking to cash in on her time running OneCoin.

A few days ago Valkova created a Twitter profile to promote her upcoming book; One Coin – Two Sides.

Details of Valkova’s book are unknown. The title suggests Valkova will attempt to rewrite history, casting her and OneCoin in a favorable light.

Looking to make a quick buck, Valkova is launching her book with a “one of a kind exclusive NFT collectibles” gimmick.

Whether Valkova will accept ONE or INV tokens as payment for her book and NFTs is unclear.

Sometime in the last 24 hours Twitter “temporarily restricted” Valkova’s new account:

Twitter states Valkova’s account has exhibited “unusual activity”.

Given Valkova’s proximity as a former OneCoin executive to  Ruja Ignatova and Konstantin Ignaov, it’s assumed at the very least she’s a person of interest to US authorities.

If US authorities have taken action against Valkova, that has yet to be made public.

Valkova is believed to still be in Bulgaria. On her Twitter profile she cited herself as a consultant for Whitehat Asset.

Whitehat Asset’s website domain was only registered a fortnight ago, so we’re assuming it’s some bogus front.

It could also be a trojan horse business idea Valkova is hoping to promote through her OneCoin book.